Clinton defined by Secretary Carson

Video link not provided.  But the graphic gets the message across.  The Satanists who want wars are also the baby killers.  The Hampstead Whistleblower Kids have opened up that topic so that many people now understand what Satanism truly consists of.  In the US even senior politicians now dare to talk about what those like Hillary Clinton and probably Theresa May do to keep themselves inside their Satanic sects.  Once those kind get control of the world, there will be no hope at all for the rest of us.  The New World Order is the dream of the Satanists.  Humanity must fight back, and party not to The Devil, but to the God of Goodness, who the media have worked for many decades to hide away from us.

You don’t need to be a Christian, a Judaeist or a Moslem to pray.  You only need to be a human being who is aware that good and evil exist, and that the world has a spiritual dimension, beyond our immediate control, that prayer can influence.  Pray for the babies that are killed by the thousand, by the Satanists on behalf of their god the Devil called Lucifer, to them, the light-bearer.  Our God will fight back through us if we allow him to deploy his powers.  He can greatly increase the effectiveness of our fightback to save humanity from the Satanic Cult that believes itself having the right to rule, and kill.

She’s not known as Killary for nothing.


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