Next time they all line up at The Cenotaph, remember who the real criminals are.

The Russian Defense Ministry has presented what it says is proof that the reported chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged. It also accused the British government of pressuring the perpetrators to speed up the “provocation.”

During a briefing on Friday, the ministry showed interviews with two people, who, it said, are medical professionals working in the only hospital operating in Douma, a town near the Syrian capital, Damascus. In the interviews released to the media, the two men reported how footage was shot of people dousing each other with water and treating children, which was claimed to show the aftermath of the April 7 chemical weapons attack. The patients shown in the video suffered from smoke poisoning and the water was poured on them by their relatives after a false claim that chemical weapons were used, the ministry said.

“Please, notice. These people do not hide their names. These are not some faceless claims on the social media by anonymous activists. They took part in taking that footage, ” said ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov. “The Russian Defense Ministry also has evidence that Britain had a direct involvement in arranging this provocation in Eastern Ghouta, ” the general added, referring to the neighborhood of which Douma is part. “We know for certain that between April 3 and April 6 the so-called White Helmets were seriously pressured from London to speed up the provocation that they were preparing.”

According to Konashenkov, the group, which was a primary source of photos and footage of the purported chemical attack, was informed of a large-scale artillery attack on Damascus planned by the Islamist group Army of Islam, which controlled Douma at the time. The White Helmets were ordered to arrange the provocation after retaliatory strikes by the Syrian government forces, which the shelling was certain to lead to, he said.

One of the interviews published by the ministry showed a man who said his name was Halil Ajij, and who said he was a medical student working at Douma’s only operational hospital. This is how he described the origin of the footage:

“On April 8, a bomb hit a building. The upper floors were damaged and a fire broke at the lower floors. Victims of that bombing were brought to us. People from the upper floors had smoke poisoning. We treated them, based on their suffocation.”

Ajij said that a man unknown to him came and said there was a chemical attack and panic ensued. “Relatives of the victims started dousing each other with water. Other people, who didn’t seem to have medical training, started administering anti-asthma medicine to children. We didn’t see any patient with symptoms of a chemical weapons poisoning, ” he said.


When terrorists failed, the USA, France and Britain intervened and committed aggression against Syria.

The American, French and British aggression against Syria will fail.

TAP – Next time they all line up at The Cenotaph, remember who the real criminals are.

Britain is the epicentre of world Satanism and is in the control of Lucifer.

‘White Helmets’: A window dressing organization of terrorists posing as humanitarians

Damascus, SANA-

Attempts by backers of terrorism in Syria to lend humanitarian overtones to the so-called ‘White Helmets’ organization have been contradicted by evidence, facts and military developments on the ground, only to be exposed as a terrorist organization operating under a humanitarian cover.

Established in 2013 in Turkey with a clear British-US-Western funding, the White Helmets has raised many questions about its alleged humanitarian action, particularly as the group’s work has been confined to places where terrorist organizations are positioned, with its members frequently appearing in videos carrying machineguns and fighting alongside terrorist organizations.

The group’s mission was to broadcast fabricated images and videos to win over public opinion by fabricating humanitarian events and using them as a platform for aggression against Syria, recently accusing it of an alleged use of chemical weapons.
The last act of a play by this group was the alleged use of chemical weapons in the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta and accusing the Syrian army of carrying it out.

Furthermore, the Syrian Arab Army has discovered many documents during combing operations in the areas liberated from terrorism, which revealed the link between the White Helmets and terrorist organizations, especially Jabhat al-Nusra, mainly in the promotion of lies about an alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians which occurred several times in Damascus Countryside and Aleppo.

Russian Defense Ministry said that the infamous “White Helmets” has once again fabricated a fake chemical attack in front of the cameras against the civilians of Douma in an apparent last attempt to fabricate false evidence of an alleged use of toxic substances in the area.

In December 2016, after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, the true nature of the White Helmets – which has been praised by international media for its humanitarian efforts in Syria -was revealed; after combing the liberated neighborhoods, the army found in al-Nusra headquarters big quantities of poisonous materials and prisons which were used in cooperation with the White Helmets to exploit the imprisoned civilians in their propaganda in order to justify aggression against the Syrian people and state.

A terrorist named Walid Hendi confessed that he and some of his cohorts, who had been working for a terrorist organization positioned in the eastern part of Aleppo under the umbrella of the White Helmets, had participated in fabricating footage and pictures about chemical attacks on neighborhoods and areas of Aleppo in exchange for money, and that they were given protective clothing and gas masks to take part in a staged scenario that was shot and broadcast by a Turkish TV channel to pass it off as a chemical attack.

Such information, along with numerous reports, testimonies, and evidence, as well as photos and posts on social media by members of the White Helmets themselves, all of which reveals their true colors and the fact that they are far from being a humanitarian organization; rather they are a mask used to support terrorists and cover up their crimes, as well as carrying out the agendas of hostile countries and legitimize foreign intervention.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

Moscow: Procrastination with regard to sending OPCW experts to Douma unacceptable

Moscow, SANA- Russia has called on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) not to delay the dispatch of its experts to the Syrian city of Douma to verify  the allegations of using chemical weapons to avoid the consequences of the fierce western campaign against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday on its website that “Moscow welcomes the decision of the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat of  OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu  to send a fact-finding mission to Douma to highlight what happened there as soon as possible”,

The Ministry’s statement warned that the delay in sending the mission’s team is an unacceptable matter under the fierce campaign launched by western countries against Syria.

It also warned that the procrastination may lead to the repetition of “the adventure taken by Washington in April 2017 ” with a missile strike against Syrian air base Al-Sh’ayrat in violation of the UN Charter and the provisions of international law.

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry earlier sent a formal invitation to the OPCW mission to visit Douma city in eastern Ghouta to verify the allegations of Chemical Weapons’ use there.

The Russian Foreign Ministry statement indicated that the Syrian government has expressed its readiness to render all possible assistance to the mission.

It reiterated Moscow’s categorical rejection of the position of the three UN Security Council permanent members, which blocked the adoption of two Russian draft resolutions on Syria. One of them provided for supporting the decision taken by the Director of the Technical Secretariat on sending experts to Douma.

The United States, Britain and France on Tuesday blocked two Russian draft resolutions to investigate allegations of chemical weapons use in Douma.

“The deadly consequences of this adventurous approach on the global peace and security are crystal clear,” the Russian Ministry said.

The OPCW on Tuesday said it will send a fact-finding mission to Douma city,Damascus Countryside, after receiving a request from Syria and Russia to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons there.




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