Bong Bong Marcos. Recount of rigged 2016 election being stymied.

The problem here in the Philippines in general is monopoly supply. It’s as if competition is a crime, and single corporations get to control most markets – as with Shell and energy. Prices of electricity are outrageous and fuel keeps being jacked up. The poor Filipinos are ground down as prices eat away their living standards.

The President is not liked by the international cabal as he has sorted out the drugs industry making previously no-go areas pretty much safe. He has the support of the army and the Police. But the media and the main civil service do all they can to wreck his term, as do the corporations.

The Vice Presidency was rigged in the general election in May 2016, and the candidate who was robbed called Bong Bong Marcos, son of Ferdinand, is still trying to get the result overturned two years later. The recount was going his way by a mile but the top four officials doing the recount have overnight stopped arriving at work, and it seems the cabal are going to keep the corrupt corporations’ friend Leni Robredo in place (suitably named).

If 70 years old plus Duterte falls, she will automatically assume the Presidency. The VP is elected on a separate ticket to the Presidency in the Philippines which is another nonsense in this politically poorly served country.  Can Duterte and Marcos keep going with their fightback against the cabal with so many powerful forces ranged against them?  Bong Bong was seeing himself just weeks away from the Vice Presidency, with Duterte promising to quickly stand down in his favour, until yesterday, when something pretty serious must have been said to the four officials by someone to make them instantly stop work and not be able to say one word as to why they stopped.

Bong Bong says he will stand for the Presidency in 2022 with Duterte’s daughter Sarah as his chosen Vice President.  Meanwhile Digong, the nickname of the current President keeps battling, his voice sounding more tired after two years in office with everything bar the kitchen sink being thrown at him by the media, the international community, the civil service and the corporations, not to mention fighting off ISIS at Marawi and the NPA, the communist army (New Peoples) funded from overseas, who are not willing to fight.

Ferdinand Marcos, Bong Bong’s father, was far from a Saint, but he refused to sell out the Philippines to the international corporations and bankers.  That was what brought about his downfall,  not people power as claimed.  He was very popular among the ordinary Filipinos.  The ‘incorruptible Aquinos’ were installed by the international corporations who’ve had their way ever since, and have become supremely powerful, even able to fix elections and block any recounts when the results were clearly rigged.


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