Blair vs Murdoch. War vs Peace. Police raid Fox News Headquarters in London.

FULL CIRCLE: Gas attack in doubt

America probably will not be confronting Russia in Syria. As I originally posted, there is now adequate proof no gas attack occurred, and the Pentagon knows no gas attack occurred, and Russia knows no gas attack occurred, therefore the Pentagon knows that any attack at all will be “first provocation”, thus giving Russia the moral high ground to go all-out. My subsequent posts after initially saying nothing will happen were only because the belligerency of the Pentagon did not cease. If, in the current climate, America attacks Syria, there will be hell to pay because there is not any plausible deniability or any shadow of a doubt that could possibly justify America attacking. It will be naked aggression, and that could really go to pieces quickly. 



The police “wanted to keep this confidential”. HA HA SEE THIS the cat is out of the bag.

It is not the thought police, it is over a Fox acquisition of another company (TAP – Sky News no less).


European Commission investigators raided Twenty-First Century Fox’s London office on Tuesday, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Sources at the location told the newspaper that authorities were trying to be discreet and had been told to keep details of their mission confidential. The Telegraph reported that investigators will be on site through Wednesday and maybe Thursday.

Shares of Fox fell more than 1 percent in extended trading.

The raid comes amid Fox’s drawn out takeover of Sky, which has fallen under intense scrutiny by regulators at the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority.

TAP – Especially now FOX has revealed Syrian chemical attack is a fake false flag, as well as earlier backing Brexit.

Blair and Murdoch once an invincible double act fell out over Wendi Deng.  Now they find themselves in opposition at every turn.

The EU wants Murdoch taken down a level.   At his age does he care?  Blair’s messing with Wendi may be the cause,

but who knows?  There could be a bigger split amongst the Illuminati than we know, Murdoch just the most visible sign.

Is this why the rush to war in Syria is so headlong?  They want to get going before opposition has a chance to show.

They need to ram Murdoch’s arm up his back to keep him quiet.

Surely the old man hasn’t seen the light.  He used to play tennis with my Godmother as a teenager in Australia, and would storm off the court when he lost.

This would be a good moment to storm off a few more times, Rupert.  The world needs

to know about war criminals like Blair, and how the Illuminati works its evil plans against humanity.  Murdoch must know the more detailed plans for WW3.  Presumably they include plans to bring down Britain and Australia, and things he doesn’t approve of.   Is he having second thoughts, and he no longer trusts Blair?  If even Murdoch feels like he no

longer indispensable, who else should be rethinking their position of loyalty to the Illuminati?



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