Blair the comedian apologised for Iraq, now demands a repeat performance in Syria. Boom! Boom!

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair



Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a war criminal who played a key role in the destruction of Iraq and now is back to destroy whatever is left of Syria, says an American analyst.

Don DeBar, a New York-based radio host and political analyst, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on Blair’s call for a military action against the Syrian government over the recent alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria.

The attack in the militant-held town of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region left dozens dead and drew international condemnation from various countries and international bodies. The Assad government strongly rejected the allegation of using chemical munitions.

Blair, who had backed the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, said on Tuesday that British Prime Minister Theresa May should be prepared to support potential US strikes against Syria because “non-intervention is also a policy with consequences.”

“There’s a really interesting series of videos of Tony Blair making the rounds on the internet – the first with him pronouncing, with absolute certainty, the offences committed by Saddam Hussein, and the absolute necessity of blowing up Iraq now to prevent a catastrophe for the Iraqi people,” DeBar said.

“Then the weepy Tony Blair: ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kill those people. We made a booboo,’” he added.

“And today he’s back to the original again with his pronouncement about Syria. You know, if these weren’t war crimes and crimes against humanity at the basis of it, it would be hilarious,” the analyst stated.

“But we are, in fact, talking about mass murder. In Syria, tens of millions of people have been displaced by the incessant terrorist war that has been conducted against that country since 2011,” he noted.

“And in Iraq the people have been…that country has been completely destroyed. It has been carpet-bombed more or less off and on since January of 1991 – starved, choked to death. Schools, hospitals, houses, electric grid, water supplies, sewage systems destroyed by the United States and Britain and their allies,” he observed.

“And Tony Blair puts on this comedy show,” DeBar said in his concluding remarks.

Tue Apr 10, 2018 06:41PM


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