Beware Softly Spoken War Mongers

BBC TV 1 Question Time 19.04.2018. The panel. All of them. What a silly bunch of ignoramuses. The audience were little better. Few of you will be able to access this BBC link even if inclined to do so (you require a BBC license), but I post as a warning: take heed: Vince Cable, the David Rottenborough of politics; the softly spoken butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth ex-Strictly Come Dancing luvvie,  is a war mongering arse.

“… had I been asked, I would have agreed to it (strikes upon Syria). When you have a government quite systematically and cynically using chemical weapons against its own civilians, we can’t just let it past.
…. I looked it up. over the last 5 years chemical weapons have been used over 200 times in Syria, that nobody had responded to that, used on a weekly basis, quite systematically, cynically, because it works in that atrocious war and I fear if this happens again we are going to be asked the same question: do we bomb again?
…. it must be explained to you (the audience) why this (bombing Syria) is absolutely necessary.”

Each of the panelists were the same; no evidence whats so ever regarding Salisbury, Russia or Syria, yet the conclusions have been drawn: we must interfere in Syria and battle the threat of Russia. Not in my name thank you very much Vince.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Chesterfield. On the panel are chief secretary to the treasury and former justice secretary Liz Truss MP, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry MP, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable MP, Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik and LBC presenter Iain Dale.

If you fancy a read by the other side, try this extraordinary…
Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, April 19, 2018


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  1. Tom74 says:

    I’m glad I missed it. Five minutes of the Toady programme when I wake up is about as much BBC as I can stand in one day. The Question Time audience has become notorious for being stuffed with MI5 and Central Office plants.

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