Attention: My MP: Leave Syria Alone

Attention: Matthew Hancock MP West Suffolk,
Bury Free Press, Diss Express, East Anglian Daily Times, Eastern Daily Press

Leave Syria Alone – We Do Not Consent To Your War Mongering

If you Matt Hancock, your PM Treason May, Bollix Johnson, Gavin paper boy Williamson et al wish to go to war with Russia, Syria or whomever, you go! You do not go to war in my name. This e-mail is Bcc-ed to others, some like-minded as myself and others simply as witnesses. I caution you, I am not a lone voice.

You and your government are lying about Salisbury and have now apparently abducted Yulia Skripal.
The chemical attacks in Syria are not conducted by Assad, but staged by the White Helmets, an MI6 construct organised by James Le Mesurier.

Your allegations that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semolinaic or racist or whatever nonsense label you try to stick to him are preposterous. We have had enough of the Israeli/Zionist lobby; they do not represent many, perhaps most Jews. Corbyn may be a bloody socialist, but at least he is not a war monger.

There are REAL journalists on the ground who are reporting the truth. Not like Frump Gardner, Lies Doucet, John Bumhumphrys, Sarah Moundofgoo, Dick Dobbyson, Dustbin Pleb, John Soapytail, Ritual Blah and the rest of the muppets on the BBC. I’d be happy to introduce you to real journalists, but it seems you only do your masters bidding; you do not represent the 7 Brexit regions of West Suffolk.

As for your ridiculous speech 12 March on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Media whereby you hail “the BBC as our best bulwark against fake news”, we can but laugh. The £3.74 billion taxpayer funded Brussels Broadcasting Corporation have next to no credibility out here in the real world.

I backed Brexit, Trump and Corbyn. If Trump thinks Assad is an ‘animal’, then my backing for Trump could be sadly over. I hope Trump is leading you fools a merry dance as he has done easily for over a year now. Trump knows the silly games you are playing; let’s hope he remains above your level of deception.

The fact that you Matt Hancock have blocked me on Twitter is a badge of honour. It perfectly illustrates the insecurity and desperation you and your colleagues have to monitor and censor our ability to communicate and express. 5G? Leave the trees be! Putin must be bemused at the total incompetence that is the UK government and intelligent services.

Writing to just you on such matters is a waste of time, hence we write to others, resort to humour and expressions of non-consent in response to your insane tosh and nonsense.

We do not support, nor even in the slightest consent, to your war mongering.




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