Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 067/072

Continued from… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 061/066

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 061/066


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Then, just for fun, the T’s all focused their thoughts and raised Arther and Ayşe to illustrate levitation. It’s easy when you know how.

“There is speculation that ancient monolithic blocks were moved by frequency and levitation. Of course, according to today’s solid world scientific mind-set that is impossible,” said T.

Arther said Ned’s friend Loonyone says impossible is impossible.

The Turkish Republic was founded in 1923. That same year in South Florida, USA, Edward Leedskalnin began creating Coral Castle, completing it in 1951: Apparently, no one knows how Ed did it. He worked in secret and managed to move and work over 1,100 tons of coral rock. He would only say that he knew ‘the secret of the pyramids’. When he died, his secrets died with him and to this day scientists still debate Ed’s methods.

As Ayşe and Arther levitated and laughed, T said, “You are now experiencing pure love frequency, from the galatic core, from the source…”



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Arther couldn’t help himself, “Would that be Tabasco sauce again?”

“Source not sauce, you bollix you”, scolded Ayşe.

Arther’s sardonic energy tone broke the spell and he and his day dream veered back to earth…




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Arther landed safely, but significantly enough to mark the moment in his memory, if he cared to notice and learn the lesson. Ayşe gently followed him down.

Mr. T was amused, “You are sitting on America. Your feet are on Africa and Antarctica. I guess at least your bum’s not in the ocean.”

As if by further magic, Mrs. T had supplied a copy of the Ottoman era Piri Reis 1513 map as shared with the world in 1929 by Atatürk’s newly founded Turkish Republic. It indicated world features that were officially not known to us before Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. Piri Reis left notes stating his map was based upon over 20 earlier source maps, some dating back to Alexander The Great. Did Columbus know of these earlier maps? Some say it’s all pseudo history while others claim it is significant evidence.

“Hmmm,” pondered Ayşe, “so, the question is when were humans travelling and navigating the world? Why are similar patterns found at different global locations dating pre-1492?”

Arther offered a contribution: “I once heard Jay Dyer and Dr. Joseph Farrell discuss a supposition that the real reason for the Crusades was to sack Constantinople and access the imperial archives and a secret cartographic tradition that showed the New World clearly.”

“It is at least exciting contemplating the possibilities.” Ayşe was eager to know more, and indeed, why not?




Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure on Tap Blog. A spontaneous social media story experiment originally tested on FakeBook 19 November 2017. Gobeklitepe is an ancient megalith site on the Turkish-Syrian border said to be at least 11,600 years old. Is it just a bunch of old stones stood in Turkish soil or a game changer for a myriad of reasons? This story aims to explore the possible implications and touch upon issues and subject matter posted about on Tap Blog.

Continued at… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 073/078

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 073/078


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