All of the US navy worldwide was commanded to call off all operations in just August 2017..

Here is yet more evidence that Western navies are being sent to ensure a military catastrophe takes place off Syria in the coming days and weeks.  Russia has emf weaponry which can freeze US/NATO aircraft and ships, causing them to experience collisions or become sitting ducks.  If Trump/May manage to prompt a real response from Russia, the result will be catastrophic for British and American forces.

Russia does not want a war, as no doubt, a war would have many bad effects on Russia, while China could sit on the sidelines and wait.  America and Europe are to be the primary sacrifices of WW3 and especially Britain.

Post from August 2017.

Russian EW weaponry has reduced the US navy to impotence

So they fire the Admiral!  That’s normal.  Blame the operator, not the kit.  All of the US navy worldwide has been commanded to call off all operations.  That’s how big Russia’s advantage is.  The US is now wading into Afghanistan (again).  Will Russian weaponry reduce land forces to the same level?

What will follow?  If Russia has no fear of NATO, then finally the balance of power could tip.  How will we deter Russian aggression once Russia has seen off all NATO’s thrusts?   Russia’s military capabilities are built around defence so far.  Let’s hope it stays that way.


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