Toronto event looks false

Chris Black, an international criminal lawyer who is on the List of Counsel before the International Criminal Court, suggested that such quick branding follows a “very dangerous path.”

“It’s an interesting phenomenon taking place, where the role that the Jews played in Nazi Germany is now being played by Muslims and Russians… anything that happens is going to be blamed… on Muslims or Russia,” Black told show hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou. “The same sort of racism and xenophobia is developing, which is very dangerous path… there’s no evidence whatsoever that [Minassian] is a Muslim in any case.”

TAP – The news reports I saw on CNN didn’t look all that convincing.  Unless we see any real evidence, I would take it as a false event.   Jim Stone Feelance disagrees.

OPINION: Toronto van attack is “as advertised” this time

Obviously the tech exists to remote control vehicles in assaults like this, but there are too many differences with this event compared to others that were obviously staged.

The biggest glaring difference: The driver is alive, which means we have no patsy. If this was a setup, they would have killed him so he would not be able to talk about it. And he tried to get the cops to shoot him, and they did not. There are also eyewitness testimonies that he was actually driving the vehicle, and was not panicking. If the vehicle was remote controlled he would have been freaking out.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the types of maneuvers the van made. Remote control events will have control delays, and that did not happen with this. Instead he made moves that came extremely close to other vehicles in super crowded traffic, which would not be possible unless the van was being skillfully driven live.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the totally smashed up front end of the van, which would have destroyed any cameras that would have been needed for remote control. There is too much damage there from multiple hits.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the fact that the driver is an immigrant, yet they are not claiming terror, they are saying he was nuts. AN IMMIGRANT. THEY WENT THERE, and Canada is too “politically correct” to allow that, unless what happened absolutely demanded that be mentioned, despite the fact that they are not saying it was terror. Big slap in the face to immigrants, ZERO POLITICAL BENEFIT equals “They were not expecting this, and did not have a ‘canned story line’ ready.”

No patsy, instead a live perpetrator plus precision driving plus multiple smash events that would have wrecked cameras plus zero political gain equals this happened, just as the news says.

FINALLY a major attack event was not a conspiracy. ZERO points given to the false flag crew for not doing this one, no doubt they are already setting up for the next show and when they do it, they’ll get dissected here. In this case, nothing to see, even CNN is probably doing accurate reporting.

TAP – I still regard the timing as suspicious.  They want the world to move on from Skripal, Douma and missile attacks.  Let’s keep an open mind.  Let’s see what Ole Dammegard has to say

“Last night on most of the news networks [they were saying] that it may be a possible terrorist attack, but now they’re downplaying that, but still ramping up the fear factor that these things can happen using trucks and vehicles,” he added.

Comparing the US intelligence community’s power to surveill residents, Black told Becker that Canada’s laws aren’t as severe as those of its southern neighbor.

“Not quite severe as [the Patriot Act], but they did pass after 9/11 similar legislation giving security agencies increased power,” he said, adding that those new powers included that ability to “arrest and have secret trials… detain people without charge just based on suspicion that they may be engaged in so-called ‘terrorist activity.'”

“An increasing number of people get visits from the security or intelligence services… I got one two years ago… they wanted to warn me about things and suggested I’d be safer if I kept a low profile… I can’t say it’s as bad as it is in the United States,” he continued.

“But it is increasing and there is propaganda here against Russia and Muslims. I’ve never seen such intense propaganda. The G7 was happening… and they’re putting out sorts of communiqués suggesting new sanctions against Russia, increased securities… and this incident in Toronto gives them an opportunity to raise people’s fear again about terrorism, generally and security, generally.”

For Black, reports about the Toronto attack in addition to the alleged chemical attacks in Britain last month and Syria earlier this month could throw fuel on the fire of a possible third world war.

“The danger of a world war is increasing more and more as this develops because you have the whole Skripal incident, the Douma attack in Syria… they just keep pumping out story after story to make people angry and fearful and wanting to take revenge on somebody for something somewhere,” he stressed. “And why? Because I think they want people to, sort of, support a big war.”

“There’s gotta be a motivation for all these stories to be pumped out so quickly — they want to do something big,” Black concluded.


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