Is all of Western media a massive con?

Russia is emerging as the world’s most powerful Christian state, even while the formerly-Christian nations of the West sink into decadence and paganism.

Russian Orthodox believers might be surprised to learn that a traditional Roman Catholic in the USA finds most of what is published on this website to be spiritually uplifting and historically fascinating.

A Catholic conference[i] scheduled in Moscow, Russia on November 4-5, 2017, will explain the traditional Catholic perspective on why the world desperately needs Russia now:  heaven has chosen Russia to turn the world back to Christian faith.

Speakers at the conference will include two prominent Russians:  Elena Chudinova, author of the best-selling future-fiction novel The Mosque of Notre Dame; and Stanislav Protosenko, former political science and history lecturer at St. Petersburg State University.

The Fatima Center[ii] is a traditional Catholic organization sponsoring the conference.  Many traditional Catholics believe that the 1917 apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima predicted (when understood in light of contemporary history) that Russia is God’s chosen nation to re-convert (re-Christianize) the once-Christian, now-essentially-pagan West.

In 1929, Our Lady of Fatima reappeared to Sister Lucia, the only surviving Fatima child seer, by then an adult nun — and asked for the Pope, together with all the Catholic bishops of the world on a single day, to publicly consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

In the 20th century, Catholics assumed that this consecration was needed in order to free Russia from the dark night of atheistic communism.  But the consecration has never been done in the specific manner requested.

Now it is clear that the consecration is needed precisely because Holy Mother Russia is appointed by heaven to bring a new period of peace to the world.  In the 21st Century, Russia is emerging as the world’s most powerful Christian state, even while the formerly-Christian nations of the West sink into decadence and paganism.   We traditional Catholics believe God wants Russia consecrated — which means, set aside for a holy purpose.

The entire message of Fatima is explained in Russian Sunrise[iii], my 2011 novel explaining the promises of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917:  Russia is chosen by heaven to become a mighty Christian confessional state, embracing Christian social and economic principles, restoring its Christian monarchy, and bringing peace to the world by re-evangelizing the once-Christian, now-pagan West.

Why is the West rapidly devolving into paganism?  As goes the Catholic Church, so goes Western civilization.  Since the 1960’s, the Roman Catholic Church seems to have been undergoing a great apostasy beginning at the top echelons of her hierarchy.  The deliberately-ambiguous documents of the spiritually-hijacked council known as Vatican II were not the cause, but rather a symptom, of the gradual infiltration of the Church by Modernism — dubbed “the synthesis of all heresies” by Pope Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis (1907).

Traditional Catholics are those who believe that true doctrine consists in what the Church taught, always and everywhere, since the time of the Apostles.  The Popes, as the successors of Peter, have no power to alter or add to the deposit of Faith, which was delivered to the Church by the time of the death of the last Apostle.

Traditional Catholics hold that only two Churches have unbroken apostolic succession and therefore valid sacraments:  the Catholic Churches in union with Rome, and the Orthodox Churches.  Traditional Catholics cringe at the antics of Pope Francis, who routinely says and does things that seemingly cannot be reconciled with the timeless doctrines of the Church.   Some wonder if he is, in fact, a heretic.

We look upon the resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church with hope and joy, wondering if perhaps God has used the millennium-long “schism” as a means of preserving true faith and Christian practice in the East — for this very time when the West is forsaking its Christian roots and descending into paganism and chaos.Traditional Catholics reject modernist thought and practice, and insist on personally following the timeless teachings of the Church.  They attend the traditional Latin Mass, which was standardized by Pope Pius V in 1570, with very minor adjustments made up until 1962.   They attempt to personally follow the strict Christian moral code that was never questioned prior to the modern era.   Just as they strive to preserve timeless Catholic tradition in belief and practice, they view the resurgence of Orthodox Christianity in Russia as a cause for great hope.

Bruce Walters M.D. and his wife are traditional Catholics in the USA, a retired physicians, and the adoptive parents of a son born in Russia.   They have grown to love Russia deeply, and pray daily for her glorious Christian destiny to unfold quickly.

[i] The Moscow conference details can be found at this link:

[ii] At this link can be found books that explain the whole issue of Fatima, the focus of the upcoming Moscow conference:

[iii] Russian Sunrise can be ordered (or read online for free) at

A video introducing Russian Faith

TAP – Reconverting the British will be far harder than for the Americans, as starting in the 1960s, the nation has been very deliberately and successfully programmed into an atheistic culture.   It will be more fruitful to create a simpler version of religion for the British, which requires no belief in things like the Resurrection, and other miracles/gimmicks like water into wine. 
God existed before the New Testament was written, and before Christianity was created, and primitive peoples all over the world were aware of all the main facts of man’s position in the universe.  It would be better to rediscover those simple facts of man’s existence, like life after death, the existence of good and evil, within and without, the existence of a Creator God desiring goodness, and The Devil who is usurping the world’s potential into war, than to try to relaunch the Roman ‘manufactured for a purpose’ version of who is God. 
Russia is saving the world currently but we all have to do our bit for the world to become once more a place of hope and not despair. We need to rewrite the script so future generations can see  what’s key to man’s survival and to achieving our true place in the cosmos.
Cultural programming.  Powerful influences were deployed into peoples’ minds, music, TV, movies but not one put God or The Devil anywhere in the lyric or the script.  Both were missing all of the time for decades on end, until people find it easier to believe that God and the Devil don’t exist.  Once atheism becomes the default state, the Satanists who worship The Devil can bring the world to war without much difficulty. 
If people were still connected to the God who created us, were aware of both Good and Evil, life after death and the power of prayer and ritual, the Satanists who want total control of every resource, all land and of every human being, would not find their task possible.  That’s why they impose non-stop cultural programming from dawn until dusk, without any spiritual content (except in formal and outmoded fashion) until humanity is buried in spiritual ignorance, where we can be subjugated, and made to kill each other to order.
Hopefully enough people can see through the Satanists and find a way back to belief.  That might not be Christian, but simply the instinctive knowledge of mankind of the existence of a God and a Devil.  Whichever pathway is chosen, that’s the only way back from the Satanic abyss, which has been carefully prepared for us..

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