Let your MP know you don’t support the mad rush to war.

Fracking is part of a war plan.  Otherwise fracking is economic nonsense.  This is, of course, what certain individuals want.  Either they want war and fracking, or they have no choice but to push these agendas, as the Illuminati have something on them they don’t want everyone else to know.  Or they know of threats to their children.

John Bolton is one of those individuals, who threatened the children of a colleague to force him to resign.

Is Syria to be made into the next Iraq and Libya?

Tony Blair is another of those individuals who wants war, saying a Parliamentary vote in unnecessary.

Gavin Williamson another.  Minister of Defence.  Aged 41, not mature.  His statements give that away.  Totally out of his depth.  Having his strings pulled.  A puppet.  A dangerous puppet.  They clearly have something on him as they have things on William Hague. (Photos of Hague held by Rupert Murdoch).

But these people are elected (although outcomes can be manipulated as was Sedgefield in 2005).

The Conservatives are disgusting.  Their policies are appalling.  The only way they can get any support is by calling for war.  The British military has been wound down – all three arms of the forces.  We no longer have a viable military.

If we get into a hot war, men between 18 and 35 will be called up and sacrificed.  Young women will also be conscripted.

April 19th to May 1st are very significant dates for those who believe themselves entitled to rule the world.

The anti-fracking community has an important role to play – in elections, and in activism.  Go to see your MP face to face.  Go to their surgeries.  Go to their house.  Let them know you don’t support this mad rush to war.  Step up to the plate so those in public office so they understand that the British people will not tolerate yet another illegal call to war.

FRACKING – PNR.  Tinker Lane.  Misson Springs.  Blackpool Football Club.  All still going.  We need to act on all fronts now.  Fracking.  Anti-war.  It’s all one.  Multi-task.  Not petitions.  Not demos.  But pressure.  Up close and personal in the face of the elected representatives.

Short term the biggest threat is 5G.  Great work being done.  Miscarriages in women at full term.  Nose bleeds.  Cancers.  5G already on lampposts in some areas being denied by Councils.

Get involved.  Do the research.  Then ratchet up the pressure.

See Humanity Versus Insanity tonight.  Contact your MP now.


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