5G will devastate the mental health of millions of people.

The government takes the country to brink of war, all over two Russians eating a dinner which gives them stomach upsets, from which they have now recovered.   Treason May, Bollocks and Paper Boy should all be resigning.  Only Jeremy Corbyn spoke out in question of what was going on.  For his efforts, he earned a tirade of abuse – the trotting out of the age old accusations of anti-Semitism and holocaust denier.  He held his ground well.

Fracking update.  The Oil And Gas Authority (OGA) is a private business masquerading as a government department. The sole shareholder is the Minister for Energy Greg Clark.  The PEDLs where there’s been no drilling since they were licensed should by now be relinquished and the threat removed.  Yet the OGA is proposing that these licenses can be extended without any discussion – putting them in contravention of their own guidelines.   12 PEDLs are coming up soon in England and Wales.  The Welsh Assembly should be putting pressure on the OGA to ensure the Welsh PEDLs are terminated.  One of them is in Scotland, PEDL 162, alongside Glasgow.  The MSPs should be taking control of the situation and ensuring the PEDLs are not renewed, endorsing their decision to ban fracking in Scotland.

5G.  Fracking attacks the water, the soil, the air.  5G attacks us with electro-magnetism.  The microwaves affects the neurological development of young people.  The rising suicide rates in men are caused by microwave radiation.  Self harm in young women too.  As with fracking, people should do their own research.  Many are now doing so, after seeing the tree culling in Sheffield and the rest of the UK – not only the UK – it’s worldwide.  The internet of things will enable the government to monitor and control everything.

Brain tumours on the rise with just 2G, 3G and 4G.  5G is microwave technology, military trade technology being foisted onto a civilian population.  Every single item will have a mini trans-ceiver, and will have its own IP address.  We have to multi-task – carrying on with the anti-fracking campaign, as well as getting up to speed on 5G.  The rollout is 2020.

Strange behaviour will increase.  Dementia amongst the old will increase.  Police vans in Yorkshire have ‘dementia friendly’ written on them, preparing people for what’s coming.  5G will devaste the mental health of millions of people.




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  1. Moo2 says:

    5g will do more than damage our mental health. It’s designed to. It is a weapon of mass destruction.

    The 62 gHz band with disrupts oxygen molecules. 2.4gHz band with disrupts water molecules.

    Guess what happens next????

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