Can we save Britain’s trees from the 5G cull?

Skripal has demonstrated that the media is incapable of anything investigative.   Government PR is copied and pasted into newspapers.  People now realise they can’t believe one word of their elected representatives or the media.  People have to do their own research to see what is really going on.

Fracking is no different.  Despite all the evidence from around the world over twenty years that fracking is a killer and destroyer of the health of everyone living nearby, the media still trots out the nonsense that the industry can be regulated and made harmless.

Trees and 5G.  Do your own research.  Humanity vs Insanity covered the 5G agenda last night, an interview with Mark Steele.- issue #103.  Elements within the tree activist community are hard at work trying to ensure people don’t make the link between the felling of 17,500 trees in Sheffield, and 5G technology.  It’s not about disease in trees solely or the need to widen highways.  17,500 are too many for that.  They want to close down any debate about 5G technology and trees.  The media is focused on Sheffield and trees, yet trees are being culled in towns all over Britain.

5G has a target date of 2020 for rollout.  It will affect the whole country.

The Environment Agency is lying about the effects of 5G on mental health and ageing illnesses like Alzheimers.

Bridgend suicides 26 teenagers hung themselves in one year.  Ritalin was being taken by all these children, able to chnage brain chemistry.  Barry Trower also investigated the suicides.  Each one lived in close proximity to a phone mast.  Was there an experiment being carried out in the Bridgend area?  Will the impact of 5G rollout lead to massive increase of suicides as at Bridgend?

What are the other effects of 5G going to be?  The EMFs.  People won’t sleep so well, might not live so long with good health.  There is too much money involved for the corporations.  They are posting people into the anti-5G movement to lead it astray and waste its efforts, infiltrators, agents provocateurs.  Don’t get bogged down by such people.  Just marginalise them.  They are putting out false narratives, which help people to realise that they are wrong to be trusting the establishment.  5G is going to be more than the new fracking.  It is potentially a much much bigger threat.


Was it caused it by drilling over the last few years by UKOG?  It was a bigger earthquake than te ones in Blackpool.  Isn’t it time to call a moratorium on all drilling in the South East?  Hood’s going to research the earthquake further over the weekend.


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