Your Voice America Meets InfoWars

Your Voice America is an increasingly successful online media outlet. Started by Bill Mitchell. On the night of the 2016 election Bill Mitchell had 90 million re-Tweets.
He is described as one of the important influences that helped Trump win. Thus far it is a free podcast/video broadcast. YouTube have censored YVA… there are a couple of recent videos, but Bill Mitchell was uploading them daily. YouTube like Periscope obviously do not like the pro-Trump message..
Mitchell continues to run his shows via Periscope, but their live audience figures can go from 23,000 to 700 in a matter of minutes as happened last week. They are fighting censorship as are many Trump supporting voices.

Bill Mitchell encourages a Christian faith pro-Israel platform. Not my thing, but good analysis is good analysis and Mitchell frequently calls it correctly when others fail. He is worth following because of his accurate observations and predictions. Due to the censorship they are planning to keep their broadcasts to the YVA website and full access will only be to paying subscribers.

This is a pity because I feel free access enables a wider audience. I thought Bill Mitchall might have enough support to secure the necessary backing and remain free and open. The magic of the internet is free and open access to useful material for everyone. People are able to support as they wish e.g. I give money to the UK Column.

This interview with Alex Jones is interesting because a ‘mainstream’ minded chap Mitchell is engaging in ‘conspiracy theorist’ Jones. Jones has the circulation figures and people want access to his market. I wonder if one day the likes of Bill Mitchell may have to face up to challenging ideas such as 9/11. Mitchell and his co-hosts talk of addressing the truth. We will see!

Published on 15 Mar 2018
Bill Mitchell joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out why he believes the democrats are facing total annihilation as the American election cycle unfolds over the coming years.

Bill Mitchell: The Democrats Are Facing Extinction


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