You Say Gunner. I Say Gooner.

The story goes that Arsenal supporters are called Gooners because…

The club logo is a cannon. So Arsenal fans were called Gunners. Apparently, the Spurs fans, local North London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs, associated with Jewish supporters, were called Yids; though there are Jewish Arsenal fans too. Apparently, Yid is from Yiddish which ‘is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews’ as stated on good ol’ reliable Wikipedia:
David Badiel has even presented a BBC R4 programme on how offensive, racist and generally anti-Semolinaic the use of Yid is. Hmmm, a bit over sensitive I would have thought, but these are the politically correct times we live in. Obviously, making a critical inference about David Baddiel leaves me the target for accusation of being anti-Semolinaic. I don’t give a fig what he or you think on such silliness. I suggest there are more important matters in life.

So, the Spurs fans wanted revenge and decided to call Arsenal fans Gooners, I guess from the term Goon which comes from the The Goon Show:
… of which one of the character names was Neddie Seagoon. Goon is also a sort of put-down like twit or fool or idiot. Goon then, was intended as a derogatory term and therefore, Gooners is supposedly a derogatory for all Gunners.

However, rather than take offense, the Gooners embraced the slur and began calling themselves Gooners with pride. Hence today we are Gooners.

There’s lesson there some where. For your knowledge, Corbyn is apparently an Arsenal fan and manager Arsene Wenger is nick-named the professor. Yes, I use the word Semolina because I find the whole issue so ridiculous.
As for Semite, it is a language group including Arabs:

Just to ruffle feathers further..
‘Anti-Semitism’ hysteria – a scam to silence free speech and exposure of Israel Apartheid


Apparently, when the Gooners heard the rumour Osama Bin Laden was an Arsenal fan they commemorated it. Football fans have a fabulous sense of humour, which is why it would be interesting to see the reaction if England were withdrawn from the World Cup in Russia.


… and just for fun, because he is a Remoaner and been rude about President Trump along with all the other twits who fail to realise we missed the bullet called Hillary:

Edit 02.04.2018…
David Icke
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  1. Tapestry says:

    Anti-Semitic is also a way to suppress anti-Zionists – Zionists being those who want to build the world’s one world government out of Israel, crashing Europe and the US to oblivion in its wake. Interestingly London was left hanging after trying to start the war of Skripal’s beer. by Israel. The bosses do not reside in Westminster.

    It’s also a way to stop enquirers who want to know who the Illuminati are. The problem with objecting to name-calling is that the Jews have a word for everyone else – the goyim which needs translating, but seems to mean something akin to cattle. Within Jewry, there are those who consider themselves original bloodlines from the Pharoahs of Egypt – the Hyksos – the sherpherd kings. They created Judaeism to baffle the equivalent of their plebs. They have nothing to do with Israel as Judaea, which is another con. The Kings of Israel were the Hyksos based in Lower Egypt, the Ebro where they spoke Hebrew. The bloodlines consider themselves as entitled to rule the world, and don’t mind slaughtering lower levels of Jewry as evidenced in WW2 where the Illuminati knew about the slaughter of many Jews but did nothing.

    Miles W Mathis sees David Vaughan Icke as a crypto-Jew, being of the British peerage, the Vaughans, and all the British peerage being crypto-Jews.

    It’s a bit grim where status depends on who your ancestors were, and your parents. The Goy need to wise up, and the Yids. We are both regarded as expendable by the bloodlines and the Illuminati. Name-calling isn’t even the half of it.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    Gary Lineker is a well-known prick in the football and broadcasting world. He used to tell autograph hunting children to fuck off when he was at Spurs.

    Baddiel isn’t funny anymore and that’s why he’s bitter! What a cunt. Let’s not forget that The Arse are a SOUTH London team!

    • NPP says:

      Woolwich Arsenal was a long time ago…. but, like The Donald, they have been flexible, Dem, Rep, south, north. May be they will go west or east too one day… non the less, 22 over-pad tattooed tossers chasing a bag of air. The best ever was Best, a bleedin’ Red Devil.

      BTW. Use khunt. It is an anthropological term for a Himalyan tribe and not so easy to take offense at, while at the same time delivering a powerful invective. Just an idea.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Ralph Ellis is the key historian in identifying the Pharoahs of Egypt, the Hyksos as the oroginal Jews. These are the bloodlines who care nothing for Judaeism, Christianity or any other religion. In fact they regard these two as one and the same, created to hold down Jews and Gentiles respectively, both Jewish religions, starting with Abraham – who Ellis identifies as a Pharoah.

    This quote shows how the various forms of Jewishness play out through history –

    In Benjamin Disraeli’s novel
    Lord George Bentinck
    (1852) he
    writes: “They may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe.
    An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and
    property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion,
    whether in the Mosaic or in the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the
    abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional
    governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them.” The bloodlines are Satanists worshipping Lucifer and with a very different plan for mankind than the one suggested by belief in either of the main Jewish religions. That’s how millions of Judaeists can be killed by Jews who are Satanists as in WW2. The top slice is tiny but all powerful as it hides itself and masquerades as the same as the masses.

  4. NPP says:


    However, today we have relentless anti-Semitic accusation and a conversation not even allowed to get to debate stage. There is a party line whip and no thought permitted beyond that.

    Whether they be Jews, Semites, Zionists, Israelis, big noses, the direct descendents of John Lamb Lash’s archonic mind set or whatever, today bullying is happening and apparently winning. We are so far removed from any open minded discussion on the work of e.g. Ralph Eliis.

    Jeremy Corbyn, bleedin’ socialist, would appear to be on the receiving end of this bullying and it might be helpful if a few more step up and speak up, take the line from these bullies:
    … and make a clear stand: Enough is enough!

  5. Tapestry says:

    The one thing that bullies can’t cope with is being laughed at, which is why your work is so welcome, Ned. Your portrayal of Bollocks Osman is unforgettable.

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