Woman’s Day A Russian Sexist Psych-Op?

Why isn’t it Person’s Day?Just because I have a willy eliminates me from being celebrated today. I am disgusted and appalled. I want to be acknowledged as a woman as and when I decide, not be a victim of when you decide. If today I want to be a Miss or a Missus, respect my wishes and cease your offensive denial of my genial genitalia. My willy is flexible and does not accept being type cast as a willy. It is my mangina! Power to us boys who would be girls who would be boys.

…. or is it all just a Russian psych-op? May be the BBC can investigate this threat to our national security and identity. Call for a No: 10 Cobra meeting! Cobra? Isn’t that a bit phallic? A bit trouser-snake-like-ish? OK, emergency meeting of Cobra to rename Cobra to more gender fluid terminology.

Bloody feminists. No sense of humour. I did tell you a khunt is an anthropological term for a Himalayan tribe, didn’t I?

Anyway, good to see the pink pussy-hat brigade will be out in the streets to voice concern about Melanie Shaw!?
International Women’s Day 2018: protests across the world as women press for progress – live

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…. and there’s more: Allsorts Youth Project: want to help little boys and girls decide if they are little boys or girls.



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