Who is Christopher Wylie? Facebook use of intimidation to try to silence whistleblowers

Brasscheck is the FIRST media outlet in
any format do do a thorough analysis of
the recent Christopher Wylie hearing.
Who is Christopher Wylie?
The whistleblower who is revealing how Facebook
data is used to corrupt and loot Third World companies.
Brasscheck is the first and so far ONLY place where you’re
going to find the 3+ hour hearing cut into short “greatest hits”
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Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Mercer and
other assorted scumbags.

Nothing good has come out of Cambridge Analytica

Presentation to a Russian oil company client on how to undermine
civil society in Nigeria – and the US

How Robert Mercer used Cambridge Analytica to launder millions
of dollars in “black” campaign contributions

The whole system was a coordinated effort with
a fake “cut out” company being used for cover


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