Wheels of injustice. Driver working for Barclays Bank deliberately knocks man off his bike. Courts won’t even bother to hear the case.

No exaggeration.   Threats are issued to force people to turn up to court on a particular day, then they adjourn their cases so they’ve totally wasted their time.  Basically they don’t like cases being brought by ordinary people bringing their own evidence to prove a crime has been committed against them by a giant corporation like Barclays Bank.  The courts jump to it for ‘high-powered’ solicitors, as the judge Mr Morris says himself.  But he has no thought for ordinary citizens seeking justice, not for even one second.  His mind is entirely closed, focusing on his next paycheck.

The case in question won’t be reported in the media as it didn’t even get a hearing.

James, the chap in the video was deliberately knocked off his bike by a van driver while he (James) was acting as a protector at Kirby Misperton, where Third Energy owned by Barclays Bank had hired this particular driver.  That van driver has shown no remorse, and is still driving around.  Such is the pathetic nature of judges in British courts today, who will only do what they are told by their Freemasonic masters.  Ordinary people be damned.  Judges are indeed merely a tool of the state.  Listen to the case of today.


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