Wake up to the reality, unless you prefer to be sacrificed.


Great talk this morning from Ian R Crane, which really sums it all up.  The fracking story is merging into the overall threat scenario, as the war of words with Russia develops either into a military conflict, or into an economic one.   Either way, the path leads to Russia being used as the excuse for Britain being sacrificed as a fracking zone.  60% of the UK landmass is already licensed.

The government now wants to push through a law which can enforce fracking over the heads of Local Councils that have voted against it – which is now almost universal, as councillors have become aware of the appalling threat to themselves and their constituents.  As the film ‘Voices From The Gasfields’ from Australia explains, you don’t live in a gasfield, you die in a gasfield.

Unless the people awaken and decide to live, they will indeed not do so, and will become sacrifices to corporate money power.




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