UKC: Victoria Billing? Alastair Brockbank? Brexit Kit-Kat Arrangement?

Who on earth is Victoria Billing OBE or Alastair Brockbank? Well, apparently they are examples of individuals steering Brexit and talking about a Brexit Kit-Kat Arrangement whereby the chocolate covers over the interconnecting wafer i.e. the UK is galvanising military unification arrangements with the €U i.e. Brexit is a myth! So say it loud: who are you Victoria Billing OBE and Alastair Brockbank?!

The Brexit Whitehall Defence ‘Kit Kat’ Agreements

UKC pre show chat box:
Does anyone know the data retention timescales for councils to retain recorded calls?
Recently made a SAR to local council and they say they only have to keep them 3-6 months, i thought it was 3 yrs?

Show time…
Nicola’s halitosis is very potent. Nippy Sturgeon not given a seat at meeting…

Russian pantomime nonsense continues…
Craig Murray comments:
Germany?? Putin should boot out the Merceds and BMW factories in Russia.
Porton are clearly running LSD trials on the Cabinet Office

Florida bridge accident:

Types of child abuse.
Adoption rates are sky rocketing
Herefordshire Council has received a judgment from Family Court, which highlights specific past failures in the application of section 20 of The Children Act 1989 (which applies to Looked After Children and their parents).
Good book – Dunblane Unburied by Sandra Uttley
Kevin Murray?

Digital courts: Goldie case
They want us all to stay at home and use these


BBC trending far right activists denied UK access
e.g. left right ‘extremists’ talk:

Jens Stoltenberg €U talks up €U defense capabilities
Bombshell tape: officials laughing at public
Alastair Brockbank? BA war studies & chemistry, MA at Cambs
Victoria Billing?
Soft visible facade to deceive UK public
Rees-Mogg: commenst on the Kit-Kat comment
Apparently the tape has caused shock waves in Westminster

End with Russia: UK war chest revealed! Fake news from Express
Mike rips article to pieces

David: the la-la land of our leadership is losing on the internet!

Published on 16 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today’s news update.

START – Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland ready for chemical weapons attack
Nicola Sturgeon shunned at Scottish music concert…
02:07 – Chemical attack: joint statement from France, Germany, USA and UK
06:30 – USA: pedestrian bridge in Florida collapses killing six
10:24 – UK government: there are four types of child abuse…
12:42 – Scottish Policeman to stand trial for multiple sex assaults and child porn
13:56 – Police Scotland refuse to disclose files on sex assault case against DCC
15:12 – Dunblane massacre relatives show support for Florida shooting families
18:03 – Actor & musician Goldie appears in court via FaceTime from Thailand
21:09 – Homeless in Poole, Dorset to be banned and fined
23:10 – BBC propaganda: why 3 ‘far-right’ activists were refused entry to the UK
Free speech being killed off – the silencing of debate = totalitarianism
29:48 – Defense: NATO unveils annual report – US still the major contributor
32:54 – Civil Servant Victoria Billing OBE laughs as public and voters deceived
36:00 – London School of Economics: meetings held under Chatham House rules
39:49 – Jacob Rees-Mogg: Civil Servants are briefing against their own country
43:50 – Fake news: Treason May’s missiles and ships ready to take on Putin…
47:57 – Decimation of the UK: a criminal cabal now runs the country
50:30 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – May 12, Nottingham
New Chartist Movement meeting: Sunday March 18, Nottingham


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