UKC: UK Media Govt? Retarded. Ridiculous.

Vlad’s passport found on the ground at Salisbury! It’s a done deal: it was Russia wot done it!

Really, the BBC have become Pravda. The Royals will not attend the World Cup in Russia? Oh dear, my world just stopped turning. RT are a terrible bias media organ run for the benefit of Vlad? I have watched it with my own eyes and ears and it’s far better than the BBC. It actually has some excellent presenters and programmes. The footage below of Assad driving himself into Ghouta is jaw-dropping. Sure, the BBC might suggest it is set up, but if it is authentic, wow! Can you imagine our leader being among us like this? As guest author and observer Dimitri Orlov says, “UK media govt look retarded, ridiculous. The Salisbury story is hollow.”
On top of all this Brexit is further kicked down the can. Transition periods. No change to fishing. The UK-€U military unification plans simply do not get a mention. Farage on LBC is far better than many call-in hosts and for leading the Brexit campaign he deserves plaudits, but is he asleep at the wheel? Just worn down by it all? Part of the swindle? At least we have UKC to deliver clear and vital analysis as they dismantle the Russian nonsense. Be aware of the up coming Media On Trial get together 27 May Leeds.

The live show notes…

The continuing saga of Russian poisoning…

Russian Ambassador to €U… I don’t know. There’s no evidence.
Boris Johnson: Russia been stock piling for 10 years.

Dimitri Orlov: UK media govt look retarded, ridiculous. The Salisbury story is hollow.
UKC chat box: I’d like to see Orlov’s beard fight Boris’ mullet. Uzbekistan had an EXTREMELY close relationship with the CIA in the early 2000s.
Chris Timperley?
You can buy a book or Kindle to research the formula for Novichok
UKC chat box: The whole point is that Mirzayanov was convicted of treason in Russia for pointing out how EASY and NON-SPECIALIST the manufacture was.
Will €U sanctions bother Russia? No, Russia views it a badge of honour.
Theresa May: Even if you didn’t do it, it’s your fault.
Stop Press: Britain and the European Union have agreed the terms of the Brexit transition period during which the UK will temporarily remain
George Galloway and John Pilger both say this is all cobblers.
A successor state inherits debt and treaty obligations, not supervisory obligations of independent countries. What a nonsense.
Undermining international diplomacy… attempt to save Theresa May.
Salisbury leaves 40 people needing treatment?
Stephen Davis: no member of the public affected.
Patrick: Rupert Murdoch, you’re fake news.
UKC chat box: acoording to the Mail today, 38 people are ill, so the lie has been repeated.
Michael Shrimpton says: May – thick – two planks (watch from 34:50)

Please be aware: Media On Trial:
Sputnik: Western media cannot handle a foreign popular elected official.

Superb, incredible video of Assad driving into Ghouta.

RT ‘outed’ the white helmets a few days ago.
UKC chat box: Remember when the Mr and Mrs Assad e-mails were released, 2011? “The evil first couple cunningly disguise themselves as kindly doctors”

Nothing to do with anything… Keyboard short cuts? From the chat box… I’ll leave it here:

Passport found at Salisbury. Done deal. Case closed!

UK Column
Published on 19 Mar 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Dmitry Orlov for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Poisoning: Russia expels 23 UK diplomats and closes British Consulate
07:03 – OPCW to visit Porton Down laboratory today…
13:23 – Foreign Affairs Council meeting today – Boris: Russia concealing truth
21:19 – Dmitry Orlov – Killing Diplomacy: an essay on destroying discussion
23:49 – Poisoning exposure fake news: 40 needed treatment…or did they…?
25:43 – Event announcement: Media on Trial – 27 May, Leeds
26:38 – Guardian fake news in 2001: Iraq ‘behind US anthrax outbreaks’…
29:40 – UK MainStream Media falsely alleges Russian election fraud
32:22 – Syria: mystery driver films East Ghouta – now liberated from terrorists
34:04 – Human Rights Watch: fake news from East Ghouta
36:10 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
37:14 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
37:50 – Europe fears Trump is out to kill the World Trade Organisation
44:55 – Scoop: poisoning suspect – Putin’s passport found at the scene…


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