UKC: Re-Framing Exercise On The Public Mind

… summed up by the madness of the Allsorts Youth Project: they want to help little boys and girls decide if they are little boys or girls. Oh, what a relief. People to inspect and inform upon our gender. It’ll all sort out our confusion.

UKC chat box: pre show warm up…
New UFC challenge as Boris to face off with Putin at Wembley Arena. Tickets already sold out. More soon.
Upset football supporters, he should know better!
Afternoon all. Owen Jones was just on Radio 5 Lies describing Russia as a corrupt, rotten regime!!

Start: The Sun
White Helmets miracle in the rubble. Video: A baby or a doll?
Fake News?
Media On Trial Leeds 2018
Hatt Mancock speech thanks Sir Brian Leveson… the Hacked Off campaigners upset
Onto Treason May…
Brian: re-framing exercise on the public mind
Home ed is now a red flag to LEAs and social services, isn’t it? Another “strike” and you’re investigated?
Richie Allen Youtube back online
Ian Crane still on YT
May says not selling NHS to the US… oh, that’s OK then.
“population health” — public health, but with people as livestock
Labour are “targetting the elderly” also
The King’s Fund is a think tank that the NHS took over decades ago. CP-riddled.
I don’t understand what the £5t.2n State Pensions liability is – over what timescale – the lives of everyone who is alive today?
RBS…. sod the rules and regulations; don’t apply to us.
UKC asked to take down article by anonymous ‘friend’.
“Friend” is an established cover term used by MI6 to refer to fellow officers.
Why does “Friend” presume to speak of “our shared political objectives”, not further defined?
Mike makes calm argument for article staying put.
Onto hero Mike Veale:
Simon Clarke has concerns over Mike Veale. Really Simon?!
Veale being investigated for broken phone?!
Korea. Peace talks?
BBC hate this is happening under Trump presidency.
Deplorable BBC.
Allsorts Youth Project: want to help little boys and girls decide if they are little boys or girls.
UK Column
Published on 7 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column. Running order to follow.

START – The Sun: miracle in the rubble…?
02:17 – British media is a disgrace: Media on Trial event – Leeds
03:17 – Matt Hancock: media control – Leveson part 2…?
05:06 – UK Column article: Leveson Inquiry – control of the press
05:35 – YouTube purging channels relentlessly: free speech faces grave threat
08:35 – Treason May taking control of housing crisis: selling public assets
09:19 – NHS privatisation: Integrating Care – contracting for accountable models
13:42 – Princess Anne visits new Leicester Royal Infirmary A&E facility
14:55 – NHS event announcement: Dying for Good Health – Albert Hall, Notts
15:52 – Fresh Start Foundation event: March 10 – Edinburgh
16:36 – Event announcement: Alternative View 9 conference
16:55 – UK outstanding debt: pension debt now in excess of £6.8 trillion…
20:45 – UK is bankrupt: private central banking system at fault
21:02 – RBS: another $500 million penalty for ‘deceptive practices’…
23:13 – UK Column receives an Email from a ‘friend’
28:12 – Brave Police Chief Constable Mike Veal still being relentlessly hounded
33:19 – IOPC: more interested in investigating damaged phone than child abuse
34:35 – North and South Korea to hold summit in late April
36:33 – BBC warmongers: North Korea used nerve agent to kill leader’s brother
37:39 – BBC not trusted by 83% of British public…
38:24 – LGBT: Allsorts project now setting up contracts with primary schools

Met Police LGBTQ+ Twitter – A win for the good guys


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