UKC: Putin Must Think UK Govt A Bloody Joke

…. if he doesn’t, I do!

Russia Russia Russia. We have Boris Johnson. They have Sergey Lavrov. I don’t want Putin running my country or do I have a yearning to be inclined toward any other nation or state than my own birth nation, but we must look so incompetent and desperate to the Russians. The BBC are incompetent compared to shoe-sting budget UK Column. Now Hatt Mandycock wants to monitor and censor what I should and or should not listen to media wise. Among the better media outlets is surely Russia Today, yet they are talking of banning RT. The BBC actually have the nerve to suggest they are subjective while RT are a tool of the Russian government. It is mind boggling how dumb my Westminster ‘leadership’ is. Anyway, here’s the news….

Has anyone seen this before? I hadn’t. It looks like another good reason why MI6 killed Robin Cook:
Seems that our PM has changed the law with a flash of her eyelashes. Trying to introduce Napoleonic law instead of our Common Law. Innocent
Robin Cook murdered by MI6 for promising to reveal the truth:
The Russian nerve gas story goes on….
We won’t consider Porton Down or Ukraine or the UK govt. is lying.
Sergey Lavrov: “We will not respond.”
Target? RT
Britian’s Kill List? 07 Sept 2015 Cameron
Beware of the Salisbury car park? Immature news unbelievable.
You’re slowly dying, but wash your clothes.
Philip Ingram at The Telegraph. Investigative journalist? Oh dear oh dear…
May be it was Assad?!
Jerry Smith: Thought Leader?!
Trump Russia media goes nuts.
UK Govt. Tory Party Russia: silence.
UKC understands Ted Heath involved with children and took us into €U
12 May 2018 Dying For Good Health conference.
Hatt Mancock concerned about UK media.
Matt Hancock should look at the BBC for example.
Government advice to Media: “Spin, Lie & Squeal”
Government could implement time cut-offs for teenagers addicted to social media, Matt Hancock suggests
Industrial Strategy: looking after old people.
HMRC seek tax from UKIP because not a proper political party?
Aaron Banks says don’t be silly.

Published on 13 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.


2 Responses to “UKC: Putin Must Think UK Govt A Bloody Joke”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Your 2 links to Zinoviev and Robin Cook are too cryptic for me. I am intrigued, but how do they relate? What truth was Robin Cook going to reveal?
    Thanks Pete

  2. NPP says:

    Pete, I note chat box comments and links… they are suggesting assassinations are not necessarily the monopoly of Russia. It just might be that, goodness forbid, we do it too….

    … more importantly Tap, Farage has just interviewed Lauren Southern on LBC!

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