UKC: Matt Handygina MP: We Require Grown-Up Players On The World Stage

Yes, this is a UK Column News post. By the time I come to post, I’ve had a morning-after BBC experience. BBC R4 Today, the antithesis of UKC News, featured MP Matt Handygina interviewed by John Humbumphrys… I shake my head in utter disbelief that this tool of a fool is not only my MP, but our Digital Minister. It was a classic case of politician trying to keep to his script on the Russian threat, the current FakeBook Camb Analytica issue and the British passport to be produced by a French company; persistently repeating words and soundbite lines.

I noted some of his comments…
“Tough on our approach to Russia…
Part of a pattern
A broader picture
Disinformation and propaganda
Undermining Western democracies
Ministers like me are not going to go to Russia
We are, this was, a very serious attack by the Russians
Threat to our way of life
Ultimately trust
Broader threat
The broad range of threat
We must have our €uropean allies…
Strong joint response by us, the US, the Germans…
Continue to engage with caution and with robustness
We require grown-up player on the world stage… (!!!!!!!)
Making the case..
Making it clear…
Digital protection laws
Now we have left the €U we are free to manage our own procurements…”

Asked about the UK passport being printed by a French company he repeatedly stated one of the advantages of Brexit is that we are free to manage our own procurement laws. This twit is my MP! The Best bit is his ‘grown-up’ comment. Hey Matt, ‘go away and shut-up!’ Do you mean grown-up language such as this? So, onto to some real and proper news analysis and reporting…

Pre show UKC chat box comments: first day of spring the little lambs are skipping
Very interesting tweet from Brian yesterday.

UKC Show time
Camb Analytica
Bella Caledonia

SCL – a Very British Coup

Bell Pottinger:
Zuckerberg has done a “Run, Hide, Don’t Tell.”
Data protection
Interesting that Soros said in January that FB is doomed !
Our dentists asks you to fill in a form on Nationality – we are in Wales, guess which country does not appear on the form.
Laura Kuenssberg
Guernsey suicide clinic: about giving people choice?!
Post Brexit Irish solution…
Tariff discussion €U UK
Dutch inform us…

The UK proposes a ‘win-win opt-in’ on international cooperation

More Putin bashing… human rights?
Trump called Putin to ask if he’s gone away to shut up?!
Very good repost from Maria Zacharova here:

Please share:
Chris Bryant… silly comment
Johnny Mercer silly comment too
Litvinenko’s father says son’s death nothing to do with Putin
Turkey: Erdoğan: Looks like WWIII
Brexit: MPs warn of multiple obstacles to EU security deal
Euratom… Wall St and City agenda
UK deep state has no intention of leaving the €U
Theresa May Merkell – Richie Allen guest talked about it — she was afraid of her late father, an allegedly abusive vicar in the nasty Diocese of Chichester

Published on 21 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson for today’s UK Column News.

START – Cambridge Analytica: SCL – a very British coup
06:39 – NHS Digital heads accused of being ‘suppliers’ of patient data
10:03 – Laura Kuenssberg missing the point or a slave to propaganda…?
12:37 – Guernsey set to become first UK place to have suicide clinic…
14:18 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
15:50 – Irish border: much ado about nothing…?
22:07 – Dutch do their usual job of explaining Britain
24:00 – Business Insider: fake news on Putin…
Human Rights Foundation: who funds Zoltan Konder…?
26:28 – Jean-Claude Juncker congratulates Putin on election win
31:09 – Litvinenko case: father gives name of his son’s murderer…
36:47 – Turkey: Erdogan switching sides…? “It looks like WW3”
41:00 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
41:19 – Brexit: BBC – MPs warn of multiple obstacles to EU security deal
Euratom: EU control of Britain’s nukes
46:25 – Politico fake news: Britain pulls out of EU defense force…
48:03 – Confusing image: provenance needed


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