UKC: Matt Handycock Seeks Russianbot Punishment

Last night on LBC Nigel Farage callers declared being Conservative, never agreeing with Corbyn and yet spoke in support of Corbyn’s measured parliamentary remarks on the alleged Russian poison attack.

Farage also featured a few moments of his interview with Lauren Southern who has been banned from the UK under accusation of being a right-wing extremist. I repeat, Lauren Southern talking to Nigel Farage; the alternative media is coming to the mainstream platform whether the BBC & co like it or not.

BBC or RT? Which would you trust more?

Yes indeed dear public. You are not capable of deciding for yourselves what is a real or fake or bias or subjective news source, so Russia Today, Vlad’s personal TV station, should probably have its UK license revoked for being very very naughty. They will be summoned to Matt Handycock’s office, ordered to drop their trousers and pants to be severely smacked by the hand of Handycock on the bare Russianbot. Childish commentary? It is what the absolutely ridiculous government and BBC and mainstream media deserve.

British Government Is Trying to Censor the Internet by the Back Door

Matt Handycock is not so heavily featured, but he does manage the portfolio for online digital control and is doing his best to follow his orders. I like to get in a Hatt Mancock reference as often as possible, because he is such a nob.

UK Column: all on a budget of less than £3.7billion!

UKC live listening and chat box commentary etc… Rees-Mogg like Nigel Farage runs away from David Ellis asking about €U military unification.

East Ghouta weapons factory. Vanessa Beeley. One of the photos showed a gas chamber? Something major is being concealed in Ghouta.
UKC chat box: The manufacturers of the vessel make mixing machines, and are based in Italy. They mainly do yarn dyeing machines.
Street gas incidents or pre-gassed bodies?! Unfathomable.
Hostages held in tunnels in Ghouta?
The Russian attack hid this
Syrian army closing in on what has been hidden.
Manufacturers of the tank pictured
David Gauke MP wants children removed from extreme families.
What Is Defined As Extreme.
Brian: Fascist agenda coming out of Tory government.
Attack On Home Schooling
Government want to integrate everyone.
While spying on our children…
‘Right-wing extremists’ being targeted
I would urge people to read this to get some idea
It’s House of Commons briefing paper 7647
‘€U needs Britan’
RUSI? Pro €U think tank
“Defence people mental health and wellbeing strategy”
Tech Vets
“The 2016 National Cyber Security Strategy provided £1.9 billion of trans formative investment in cyber,” Nice eh?
Rees-Mogg ran from David Ellis €U military unification question
Rand Organisation.
There appears to be an integrated, opaque parallel network directing society.
Rand is thick in the middle of US government.
Govt. frightened of vets waking up.
No evidence of Trump Russian conclusion:
UK just announced diplomat expulsion
Ramp up to WWIII?!
Mr. Charmers: A Little Is A Lot.. book.
RUSI is at the heart of this — the defector who betrayed Russia along with Skripal is now a RUSI research fellow.

Published on 14 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis and Vanessa Beeley for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Syria: chemical weapons found in East Ghouta
05:48 – The violent reality of ‘Western propaganda construct’ white helmets
07:38 – David Gauke MP: more children must be taken into care by the state…
13:49 – Brexit: devolution to break up the (United) Kingdom
‘UK is too small to defend itself after Brexit’
19:07 – RUSI: a pro-EU ‘think tank’ not working for the UK…
23:48 – Military Veterans: @techvets and who is Susie Dunn exactly…?
33:16 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – May 12, Nottingham
Alternative View 9 conference: May 4-7, near Milton Keynes
33:47 – 21st Century Wire article: US HIC throws in the towel on Russia gate…
35:07 – UK’s Russia gate poisoning: NATO lends support…
38:22 – Treason May expels 23 Russian diplomats and cuts bilateral relations
40:12 – Syriapropagandamedia (dot) org: doubts about ‘Novichoks’…
42:49 – Preparation for war…EU military union to destroy NATO…?
46:46 – UK MainStream Media coverage: immensely dangerous propaganda…
48:54 – Book: Britain’s Secret Wars by T.J. Coles

The terrible, slanted, bias RT….


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  1. emm jay says:

    Lol … great commentary … and pictures NPP! Hope others appreciate them too. I do! My ‘digital control’ re bbc et al is permanently defaults … to a big fat V. ?

  2. NPP says:

    Glad you do!

    Gotta laugh… rather than cry.

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