UKC: Global Britain At Its Finest!?

Technical issue delayed the start of this live episode. Of course, the chat box assumed it must have been Russian interference!

Russians could cripple the UK! The Daily Fail says so. Could cripple UK air conditioning.
Alex suggests John Smith Trust link to latest Russian spy story. Laurie Bristow?
Global Britain At Its Finest!
Prince William not going to Russian World Cup.
Now accusation of Russian sex harrassment.
Turkey: Erdoğan: ‘It would be an honour for you to die for the fatherland.’ to little girl.
Theresa May agrees lots of money deal with the peace lovin’ Saudis.
Global Britain!
Martha Mackenzie of Save The Children:
Slightly hypocritical of her.
Check out this article:
Crypto-currencies popping up in different countries.
27 May Media On Trial 20018 Leeds
Johnny Mercer cried about job losses:
Ah, diddums.
The Royal Navy is being dismantled according to Brian.
Back bencher Mercer is expendable.
David Ellis: beyond annoyed. Gutless MP’s.
We are not leaving the €U. We are climbing into bed with the €U.
Maj Gen Charlie Stickland

Published on 8 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and David Ellis for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Daily Mail Fake News: Russia ‘could cripple UK’…
02:11 – Poisoned Russian spy: connections to Christopher Steele…?
07:02 – Russian hysteria in MainStream Media continues apace…
08:32 – BBC: immaculate timing – journalist ‘sexually harrassed’ by Russians
11:19 – What shall we do with the Zumwalt sailors…? (Round 3)
15:53 – Turkey continues to provoke WW3
17:06 – Foreign and Commonwealth Office leaker – well done
18:57 – Saudi – UK visit: Tories stoop to new lows
21:00 – Third Sector supremo reveals ‘Global Britain’ to us all…
26:25 – Saudi clown prince launches ad blitz to promote London visit
27:15 – IPCO document reveals MI5 connected to Investigatory Powers
29:31 – NHS event announcement: Dying for Good Health, May 12, Nottingham
30:46 – Netherlands: Dutch MPs now want a ‘Green Military’
32:28 – Georgia: year 15 of Sorosism – burned where it all began
34:02 – More countries going monetarily off-grid and leaving debt-based system
35:17 – Swiss nearly abolish their public broadcaster…
37:11 – Media on Trial event announcement: 27 May, Leeds Alternative View 9 conference: May 4-7, near Milton Keynes
37:52 – European disbelief at Britain’s rail infrastructure
39:13 – Babcock ‘restructuring’ – 500 jobs to go
40:01 – Plymouth people feel ‘let down’ by Johnny Mercer MP
46:02 – Unbelievably childish Tweet by senior Royal Navy officer
48:37 – Britain not leaving the EU – we will be tied in forever


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