UKC: Are You A Brexiteerrorist?

Yep, it gets more ridiculous and more ridiculous. It seems Brexiteers have been monitored as potential terror suspects. It’s a cross between Brave New World 1984 and Monty Python, indeed, Monty Cobra starring the likes of Nerve Agent Cobra Crudd, Bollocks Johnson, Newspaper Baby Boy Gavin and Matt Mangina Handycock…
This morning BBC Thought Fart For The Day are talking about Cambridge Analytica aiding Trump’s election. For goodness sake, God was on his side!
… Bill Mitchell says Trump’s success was based upon ‘God and US’. For a moment I thought Thought Fart For The Day was also suggesting Trump’s victory was with thanks to higher powers.

Anyway, don’t worry, cos our Digital Minister Matt Handgina is on the case! The FakeBook, Google, Twitter, YouTube club did everything they could to avoid Brexit and Trump and now the Westminster-BBC romper room is accusing FakeBook of assisting both victories. Last night I heard Trump had called Putin to congratulate him on his victory.
Trump is looking forward to their meeting in the not too distant future. You’d think this should be good news. I love it. But, can you imagine the upset in the corridors of UK-€U-NATO power. Trump just keeps giving….

“Hey Vlad, it’s the orange coloured supremacist here. So you didn’t go away and shut-up…”
“Oh Donald, can you believe the UK now has a paper boy as a defense minister? He keeps a taranjula in a glass box on his desk. It is like a Monty Cobra sketch. I guess it keeps Assad driving into Ghouta out of the headlines. What a refreshing change to actually have a statesman to communicate with…”
“So Vlad, shall we do some business?”

Onto UKC pre show chat: Afternoon, All. Breaking news: Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
£21m has been spent keeping Grenfell Tower survivors in hotel rooms, enough to have built the original block three times over.
Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over Gaddafi allegations. Blair next?

UKC show time…
Run Hide & Tell
Unfathomable silliness.
Report suspicious activity? The UK Govt? The BBC?
Police whistle blowers says: Brexiteers being watched!… 17 million suspects…could take a while 🙂
Mike Hookem UKIP not happy… has been monitoring the impact of the CFP for years, He made a documentary about it
Fracking protest battle…
The UK Govt: you need us to regulate the internet:
SCL Group:
Camb Analytica & FakeBook
Vince Cable says Should I Stay Or Should I go? GO Vince!
Steve Bannon is teaching the French to wear the “racist” label like a badge of honour.
In two more years it will be racist to be white male heterosexual.
Gutted the Royals are not attending the World Cup…
CIA poison their own – see pt3 of CIA whistle blower Kevin Shipp’s lecture:

Financial Inclusion Forum:
My local council has just abandoned cash rent payments. They don’t touch cash anymore.

Published on 20 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Run, Hide, Tell: public asked to spy on each other
05:18 – Police whistleblower: specialist Police units now watching Brexiteers
06:01 – Brexit: ‘significant step by reaching agreement on the next phase’…
12:55 – Brexit petition sent to Downing Street: over one million signatures
14:29 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May near Milton Keynes
Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
14:56 – BBC: death of Egyptian girl in Nottingham ‘not hate related’
16:20 – Fracking: oil company seeks High Court injunction against protests
20:16 – Treason May wants ‘new internet’ controlled & regulated by government
21:55 – Cambridge Analytica: manipulating social media and the internet
27:12 – Facebook data scandal: 50 million accounts harvested, warrant applied for
30:35 – The spin: Cambridge Analytica data leak shows folly of leaving EU…
Brexit: Should I Stay or Should I Go conference update
34:15 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
35:38 – Closer US-UK defence ties
36:49 – Skripal poisoning: Britain’s next move…
38:17 – UK Column interview: The Dark Heart of the Deep State
39:23 – Financial Inclusion policy: a worldwide plan…pushing a cashless future
42:44 – New Chartist Movement event update


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