UKC: All White People Are Racist

Yep, this headline is being promoted in certain quarters. It is actually taken from a link posted in the UKC chat box; an RT link! So, probably just a Putin plant!
Meanwhile the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are sponsoring The Telegraph and all Russians are bad except when they donate £827K to the Conservative Party. Welcome to the UK! Bring yer berka!

Added note. BBC R4 Today 13 March 2018: Russia Russia Russia. The utter tripe dripping out of my £3.74 billion taxpayer funded national braodcasting service is beyond Pravda. They ask David Marxist Milliband aka Silliband to to comment on Russia. They then have some empty vessel from the John Insane McCain Foundation which has helped fund ISIS and overthrow the elected government of Ukraine along with the likes of Victoria Nuland. On top of this they want to ban Russia Today, among the better mainstream TV channels out there with the excellent Peter Lavelle and Max Keiser, who are both superior to most anything BBC TV serves up. My country is in a coma. At least there is a decent, if shoe string budget service coming out of Plymouth… I urge you to support and share their episodes.

UKC chat box:
If you’re white, you’re a racist’: UK universities.
‘If you’re white, you’re a racist’: UK university teaching staff to deal with own ‘whiteness’

Brian and David discuss their weekend Public Inquiry into child abuse.

Pedophile policy still implemented widely
Telford rape hell…
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Brian: satanism is approved by Navy & government
What is Global Britain?
Tugendhat is the son of the High Court Judge Sir Michael Tugendhat and the nephew of fellow Conservative politician Christopher Tugendhat…
The Commonwealth supports Common Purpose… mind manipulation using NLP
The state is drawing in NGO’s private companies to engineer individuals rolled out by the Commonwealth.
Russians are bad! Despite giving £827K to the Conservatives.
Veterans to get ID cards…. to identify potenially subersive veterans.
Fits in with Cambridge Analytica
Russian poisioning silliness goes on…
Dry clean all nerve agent infected clothing!
Nerve Agent Cobra Crudd who won her election by 346 votes.

£65billion from Saudi to UK for arms deal.
The expensive bomb intended for poor Yemenis…
Flu scare?
The truth about the 1918 epidemic:
Jonathan D Quick… global health, WHO, so called experts from various agencies warning us about health… sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Bill Gates Foundation Sponsored Telegraph

Published on 12 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Fresh Start Foundation conference on child abuse: update
05:19 – Fresh Start Foundation next conference: in Stirling March 17
09:17 – Britain’s ’worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed
13:28 – Global Britain: government doesn’t even know what it means
15:58 – The Commonwealth: Towards a Common Future…
19:00 – What is Social Impact Investing…?
22:17 – Run, Hide, Tell: the Russians are coming…to invest in the Tories
26:58 – Defense: UK military credibility ‘at risk’ over cuts…no mention of EU
28:37 – UK elections: future polls will require voter ID
30:10 – Military veterans to be ‘formally recognised with official ID cards’
or should that be ‘formally identified with official ID cards’
31:50 – Treason May set to hit back at Russia over spy attack…
38:05 – Saudi clown prince departs UK – closer to signing Typhoon jet deal
41:08 – Media on Trial event: May 27 in Leeds
Alternative View 9 conference: May 4 – 7 near Milton Keynes
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – May 12 in Nottingham
42:18 – Killer flu outbreak ‘could start tomorrow’ and we’re not prepared
Cheap fear-mongering to promote the flu jab
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation connection…


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