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Today’s simple message: please Tweet €U Military Unification to Carole Cadwalladr at The Guardian:

Dear Carole. We are aware of Military Unification: Are you?

Pre show chat box:
YouGov Survey asks should those who receive more money in welfare benefits than they pay in taxes, be allowed to vote?
YouGov Owned by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi and former Conservative PPC Stephen Shakespeare.

UKC News show time…
Russia! Same old stuff. Listen to Treason May for entertainment.
Mike: she continues to lie.
Iceland’s Grand Lodge here:
David Ellis: this is a wag the dog exercise to rev up defense spending.
European Song Contest… load of tosh
Salisbury: nonsense.
Porton Down: titanium revolution
More rubbish: Russia nuclear strike would kill…
Brian: Royal Navy only make significant repairs with private contractors.

Sheffield mayoral election. Global cities movement pretend a decentralised model when in fact it is the opposite.

Mark SuckerCyborg will not attend UK parliament inquiry’s-red-money-carpet-uk
RUSI miss the point…
The City of London has been the heart of corruption since 1694 and formation of Bank of London
Are the Tories going to return £3million to Russians.

Twitter Mar 21 @JJoeJoeShabadoo on Nigel Farage 1 meeting out of 42 on Fisheries Replying to @GaryLineker
The Great British Brexit Robbery?
by Carole Quagmire, Carole Codswallop
Tweet €U military unification to:

Brexit smokescreen to bring together trade policy, Best of Both Worlds, TTIP, military unification,
“The exit agreement shows that the Cabinet Office does not intend to regain the defence autonomy it gave away on paper in 2017,” Lt-Gen Riley and colleagues said.
The Veterans for Britain statement added: “As a result of a below-radar deal reached 15 months ago, the UK will now be transitioning via a third country arrangement, that provides a u-bend route for the UK to come back fully under EU authority in the future.
“Political commentators in academia and the media are largely yet to grasp the small print of what is really going on. By that time, it will of course be too late.”
Lt-Gen Riley
David: in private their language is stronger.
David Davis: “deep and special relationship”
Who sold the contracts to the Spanish and Dutch?
UK Fish For Sale
I read somehere the government ‘bungs’ big pharma a lot of money which makes up a decent percentage of NHS doctors salaries…

Published on 27 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis for today’s news update from the UK Column.
Running order to follow.


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