Trump Vs Global Marxism

This confuses me. For example, the current Russian phobia media story would appear nonsense to me. The UK Column report as such daily. Yet here, Putin is said to be a hard core KGB Communist organiser.
The Palestinians and Iran part of the global Marxist movement.
Fracking seems to be given the green light here.
Israel also seems to be on the good guy side.

They do say Trump is a miracle that happened to stop Clinton in her tracks, which I can agree with.

Show notes:
Michael and David welcome Trevor Loudon to Unslaved, the renowned researcher and filmmaker. Subjects discussed include the Trump presidency, and the future of America and Europe. Trevor confirms that radical Islam is indeed backed by underground Communist groups and that the threat of Islamic terrorism is real and pressing. Trevor names the names, and offers positive practical solutions to the present political fallout.

Unslaved Podcast: Islamo-Communism (with Trevor Loudon)


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