Treason May Upset At Trump’s Lack Of Tweet

39 Labour MP’s are calling for the removal of another member as the British Semolina movement continues to bully others for their thoughts. Thought crime is not limited to the book 1984. It is sadly real today and I risk being accuse of being anti-Semolinaic just for typing do.
MPs urge Corbyn to suspend Shawcroft amid anti-Semitism row
I suspect this has helped galvanise support for Corbyn as people up and down the country are tired of this Semolina subject and will sympathise with Corbyn.

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By the way, history of edits on Wikipedia is great source of clues.
French Intelligence Officer on Litvenenko false flag

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Treason May wants to know why Trump isn’t Tweeting about Russian Poisoning. Mike is paraphrasing, but how funny that when Trump’s they complain and if he does not Tweet about what thet think he should be Tweeting about, they become upset. The bottom line is Trump may view this Russian hysteria as nonsense, but is playing along to keep the UK MP’s happy. Putin also understands the game at hand.
The BBC are putting out a new app, aimed at six to twelve year olds, with fun and interesting facts. Really?
Former French Intel Officer gives detail of who murdered Livenenko here (not Russia)
I met Gordon Corera when he came to an outbuilding of GCHQ in breathless excitement. We didn’t let him in the main doughnut building.
I’m surprised a Russian culprit’s passport wasn’t posted through the door to prove his guilt
BBC continues to spin Russian story
The Fusion Doctrine
There are no details about the “fusion doctrine” in the PDF released, other than a noddy circular diagram.
Mike analysises a little of the National Security Capability Review…
Comon Purpose = Deutcher Verteidigungs Diest
Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (deceased) Head of Abwehr. DEUTCHER VERTEIDIGUNGS DIEST
The Government’s rules for behaviour baffle normal Britons.
Punishments for breaking British Government rules create a climate of intense fear.
The British Government’s system of rule is rife with hypocrisy.
The ghost of Cecil Rhodes lives!± response.pdf.html
The Nazi saluting dog… this story illustrates how silly people can be.
John Cleese, Dick Emery, Freddy Star and many others made fun of Hitler… and that was acceptable in the 70’s – why not now?
… the dog is Buddhist!
The dog was arrested for being the head of the canine fascist party.
… dog turd looks like a pork sausage. Owner arrested
Contravenes free speech:
General Nicholas Carter is a most champion farter. He can fart anything from God Save the King to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
Seems to be Common Purpose / Cabinet Office every time where they learn the guff.
Killer Rubber Ducks dangerous:
Sarkozy and Gadhafi
Gilad seeking support to fight anti-Semolina accusations
CAAS that bunch of bastards – they’re the ones behind getting Davic Icke banned
Thicko Labour MP Valerie Vaz said on Radio 4 the other day, “Jeremy has always been anti-racist and anti-Semitic”. She said it repeatedly.
ADL have an annual budget of over 7 million
Oh, you take the high life and I’ll tak the low life, and I’ll be in Inverness afore ye …
Unaccompanied Children…
Sweden has now published a brochure called “Information for you if you’re married to a child”.
John Wedger ignored
Tim Farron pretends to care fro children…
Cartoon features Gavin Williamson’s spider Kronos asking if there’s a copy of UK Column in his paper round satchel; Kronos is Gavin’s Russian mind control handler….

Published on 29 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today’s UK Column News.
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