Tory whores want total ownership of everything, leaving you a slave.

At PMQs yesterday Mike Amesbury, MP of Weaver Vale in Cheshire, asked a question about INEOS bullying a constituent to allow them onto her property – asking what it’s like for someone to be dealing with a corporation like Ineos that won’t take No for an answer.  This question was asked of The Prime Poisoner.

Her response shows her lack of connect with the British people.

Her reply is given in full by Ian R Crane in the video.

It’s pure fear porn.

All about Energy Security, and the lights being turned off, if shale is not given the go ahead.

She is clearly not reading her own reports, which show no shortage of fuels, an excess supply of gas worldwide.

She’s an intellectual lightweight, says Ian who’s just doing exactly as she’s being told.  She has no desire to know the truth.  She’s nothing but a whore of the corporations.

See the tweet put out by Liz Truss MP after the session.  ‘Good to see the PM putting out support of shale gas against the Nimbyism of the opponents.’

Interesting.  Liz Truss’ constituency has no fracking threat, so that’s a bit ripe coming from her.  Also she was the Minister of State at DEFRA when the report of the Environment Agency was suppressed at cabinet level by her, along with her boss Liz Loathsome, the report exposing the collapse in house prices alongside proposed drill sites, and in all areas threatened with fracking.   Her excuse being, ‘It’s only a draft.’

They just hide the truth away and abdicate all responsibility for the ecology, the economy and all else.  Liz Truss is just another whore with a lying face, who expects people to regard her with respect, despite the evidence.

The government is making moves to take fracking decisions away from local councils.  The Select Committee meeting on this topic will be reporting within four to six weeks.  Andrea Loathsome has already said the decisions should be the responsibility of the National Planning Regime.  There it would fall under the Minister Said Javed, the Housing Minister, another whore of the corporations, who pushed through the fracking decision at PNR (Preston New Rd) against total local opposition.

If we don’t shut this down, we will then be fighting against the ignorance of the public about what fracking will do to them and their families with actual victims screaming as to what is happening to them.  The politicians are lying through their faces, in denial of the volume of evidence freely available in the public domain.

People can see for themselves that their politicians are incapable of fundamental truth.  The politicians are the puppets of the global banksters, stealing the money of the nations to offshore destinations, while destroying the economies they are milking.  This is a game of Monopoly – the aim is total ownership of everything.

Once you sign up to Universal Credit, you become a slave.  Universal Income will come next, and that will enslave all those who take it.  The government is not there to take care of you, but to destroy you in favour of the global banksters and corporations.  You are signing your death warrant by agreeing to the terms they offer.  Either you fight back or you’re history.  The Tory whores will be happy.


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