2 Responses to “To Be Or Not To Be…”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Where’s the body (of the post)? It’s arrived. Internet very slow here in Manila. I like your Ian Crane, Ned, but why would he be considering being a mutha-fracker? He’s more likely to be firing his weapon at Jim The Rat of INEOS, or the faceless figures in Westminster who support fracking the North, the judges who hand out injunctions ending freedom of speech and so on. Hamlet uncovered the Satanic reality step by step. Crane’s into gear from the get-go. Nice first attempt. I suppose you can take it as a threat to the mutha-frackers. OK I get it. Overall I like it. But will Robin Hood? I’d love to see a quiver of arrows.

  2. NPP says:

    No body, just an image to raise awareness of a thing called fracking which some are expert upon and while the majority are completely unaware and uninterested.

    If it fails to meet the requirements of the anti-fracking fraternity, you can delete it, just like that. No worries.

    I created, I came, I shared and I take the flack. To be or not be…. a critic! So funny.

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