There is no UK gas shortage, but there will be a food shortage.


Never let a good crisis go to waste, says Rahm Emmanuel.  On cue with the cold snap, the energy industry is rushing out claims that the country is short of gas.  It’s all complete bollocks.  Rahm Emmanuel would be proud.

The claims of shortage will be used to increase pricing.  That’s all.  A three day cold snap in winter is not a reason to change national policy on infrastructure or pricing.  In fact they should have been planning for one.  They were indeed planning for one – but only to use it as a PR assault through the media, to get more cash from the government and the public into their greedy little pockets.

A recent report ordered by Greg Clark, the Energy Minister, looking at supplies of gas up to 2035, asked the question whether there was enough gas infrastructure to cope with any events that were foreseeable over this time frame.  The report stated that the UK was in a strong position to cope with any events that were likely to occur for the next twenty years.  The report only added that the price of gas might vary in times of international crisis.

There is not a shortage.

Yet after three days of a cold snap the PR teams of the industry are out there claiming they can’t cope with a seasonal spell of weather, and will now need vast government spending.

This is a total political construct, says Ian R Crane.

Peak Oil itself is another myth, as Ian has been saying for a decade and more. Remember 1974 and the three day week.  Heath told the country we were running out of oil, as we were supporting Israel in the Middle East War.  This was nonsense.

The Arabs were told by Britain and the US to hike the price of oil four times overnight.  The tankers were told to stay offshore to artificially create a crisis, and the government issued petrol rationing vouchers.  It was all a con.  See Sheikh Yamani’s autobiography where the story is spelled out line by line.  The US dollar was made into a Fiat currency in 1971, and the gold standard was abandoned.  The bankers wanted to jack up living costs.  Today’s nonsense about a gas shortage is exactly the same game, being played for the nth time.

INEOS want to push their case to frack the North of England so they’re pumping the lie of gas shortage for that reason.

Many people in the South of England won’t be going to work today, despite the weather easing overnight.  Maybe they’ll have some time to investigate the nonsense being put out by the media for themselves.  Ian Crane tells of the efforts being made the various anti-fracking groups across the country to get the true message out about how peoples’ lives and health are threatened by the industry, not just house prices, and the pound in their pockets.

Have a watch and a listen.

The population of Britain is projected to fall.  This is part of the government’s plans.  The unconventional gas industry is expected to play its part in the collapse of the nation’s health, all supported with enthusiasm by Treason May, the Prime Poisoner.  Do some research.  Don’t take this from anyone else, but start your enquiries with Ian R Crane.  There is no one better informed and more able to communicate to you what you need to know.  Ian says he will reveal the details of the report about Britain’s collapse in natural resources i.e. food over the weekend.  Fracking is only part of a very grim picture.   We the people are under threat as we have never been before.

The Tory Beast from the East

The British population is slated to fall by 75%, says suppressed report.


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