The Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre

Thugs with chainsaws are roaming around the City Of Sheffield in Yorkshire, carrying out a massacre.  Limbs are lopped off.  Perfectly healthy bodies ripped to pieces.  Not those of people, but of mankind’s best defence against filth and pollution, our spiritual brothers who give us peace and tranquillity, our most loyal companions which oversee many generations of our families, our most immediate connection to nature – our beloved and most beautiful deliverers  – trees.

Before the details of why the government wants a million of our spiritual friends killed, of which more below, first the threat of fracking and the lies about gas.

Is your area targeted to be fracked?  Check out with your local anti-fracking organisations.

Do you have any idea what you will be facing?

Look Here.

Crane ridicules the claim that Britain’s gas comes 100% from Russia, a claim being put out by Conservative MP Kevin Hollinsnake (amongst others including most newspapers).  The Energy Minister Greg Clark added recently in his report that less than 1% of our gas comes from Russia, and there is no way that we are reliant on it.  The papers are full of such fake news.  Gas supply availability is around 235% of current usage.

All that would happen in a disruption of supply from one source is that the price might vary, but there is no way we would be cut off.  Do your own research please, says Ian Crane.  The government is blatantly lying to push through a corporate agenda.  There are hundreds and thousands of people questioning their world view after becoming aware that the Conservative party, and the government are consistently lying about this and many other matters.

Newspaper circulation is crashing.  People no longer watch the news on TV, or even have a TV licence.

The extent of the lies on this and nearly every other subject is shocking people, who previously did not realise they lived in a false news world.


More of the cutting down of trees across Britain, especially in Sheffield where 17,500 treasure being cut down.  Why?  Because 5G mobile phone signal cannot work except in direct line of sight.  Yet no one is being told why Sheffield Council is massacring the City’s trees.

There will be 500,000 5G transmitters and beacons around Britain for the internet of things to work.  This will mean you are never out of sight of the government from the moment of your birth until you die,.  Privacy will end. Research 5G.  Do you want it so you can watch movie in 4D, but lose your freedom?  Not mention that all trees will be gone, and you will live your life in a sea of electrosmog.  Do you want movies or a landscape to love and cherish?    The choice is yours.  If your choice is trees, you must act.


Get down to Preston New Rd now in Lancashire to give support to stopping British Gas from fracking there.  Stop trading with BG or Centrica or British Gas whichever one you trade with.  They are all one and the same, the hydra with many heads.  Move your account.  Hold up payments. Write to customer services and tell them why you don’t want anything to do with them any longer.

Misson Springs is between Doncaster and Scunthorpe, which are not in Nottinghamshire.  Bolsover is not far away either.  This is INEOS and IGAS territory.  The threat is live.  It is current.  It affects Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire.  Get your minds on to the threat you face.

Write to your MP.  Local newspaper.  lose all the trees that live near and around you, or be fracked,  or both. Otherwise the corporatocracy will continue its assault on the natural world, and the destruction of our world and the future of humanity.

The choice is ours.


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