The SERGEI SKRIPAL Poisoning Opens Up a Massive Rabbit Hole…

And it is a pretty big rabbit-hole – based entirely on the location where this incident is said to have happened.

Which we will get to in a moment; and then you can decide for yourselves how relevant you think it is or isn’t. But first, let’s just do the basics.

In another month, I would’ve assumed or accepted that the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was – as we’re being told – a hit by Russian intelligence operatives.

My own personal opinion is still – and I know that this puts me at odds with most conspiracy theory writers – that Alexander Litvenenko was assassinated by Russian agents via pollonium poisoning. Most of what I’ve read over the years (from various sources) makes me inclined to lean towards that explanation.

I also firmly believe that the Russian intelligence community routinely assassinates problematic Russians (seen as a threat to the regime or the state narrative) both at home and abroad, an example being the killing of Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

However, the problem with this current incident is that it occurs just days after the UK Defense Minister announced that Britain’s security establishment was shifting its attention away from terrorism and onto Russia as the major threat to the UK. I in fact wrote about that here on Saturday, and about reported anxieties in Russia that some kind of false-flag was being prepped to blame on Russia.

And then, a few days later, this poisoning incident occurs – and immediately, government officials and news media run with an official narrative pinning the incident directly on Putin.

There are also a couple of other, darker reasons to not necessarily trust the official narrative – which you’ll see shortly.

For the sake of a balanced view, let’s acknowledge that Russian agents may well have been behind this latest incident; there’s two things that make this seem more than possible, one being all the previous hits carried out on problematic Russians and the other being the fact that Skripal had previously been one of those alleging that the Russian FSB had staged the apartment-building bombings and other false-flag ops in Russia in order to bring Putin to power – which would make Skripal not just a defector and dissident, but also someone liable to undermine the image of both Putin and the Russian state.

On that front, I also believe – based on unbiased, objective reading of the available facts and various sources – that the 1999 apartment-bombings were false-flag operations (which I have said here before) designed to justify Russian military activity at the time and to consolidate the present regime’s hold on power.

My view has always been that Putin used the apartment-bombing false-flag in the same way that the Neo-Con regime in the United States used 9/11 – as a premise for a foreign military operation (in this case, the Chechen War) and as a means of consolidating power and establishing a firmer stranglehold across Russia’s institutions.

And, as I said, I have no doubts whatsoever that the Russian intelligence service kills Russians it deems a liability, whether at home or abroad.

In this specific, current instance, however, it is just too coincidental that the British Defense Minister was saying just days ago that Russia (and not extremist terrorists) is now the major threat to the UK: and that he had specifically said that resources were now being pulled away from counter-terrorism operations and onto the Russian threat instead.

And then, a few days later, another Russian enemy of Putin’s just happens to be targeted for poisoning in Salisbury.

The newspapers have said today that the ‘Counter Terrorism Policing’ network is handling the investigation – which precisely matches what the Defense Minister was saying a week or so ago about pulling focus and resources away from the terrorism threat and onto the Russian threat.

This Skripal poisoning is just too conveniently fitting into the pre-scripted narrative.

The idea, no doubt, is that Putin’s complicity will be believed precisely because the Russian intelligence community doesgenuinely carry out hits on dissident Russians.

Sergei Skripal is an interesting character. Skripal worked for Soviet intelligence during the Cold War, but was recruited by MI6 in the 1990s as a double-agent – and was later part of a ‘spy exchange’ (for Russian sleeper agents discovered to be operating in the US). It isn’t clear from anything I’ve read as to whether he was still at this time an active MI6 agent – but, presumably, any double-agent who has worked for Soviet intellience and MI6 is never really ‘retired’.

I have always assumed that secret agents (and double agents) get bumped off all the time – and that most of the time, we never hear about it.

The 66-year-old former Russian Army colonel, and his 33-year old daughter Yulia Skripal, are described as being critically ill at a Salisbury hospital as of writing this: authorities describe the cause of their condition as “suspected exposure to an unknown substance.”


There is something else worthy of noting here too: and this is where we go down a very curious rabbit-hole.


The Independent’s coverage stated that, despite there being no official word about toxicology reports, ‘experts’ had suggested the use of ‘nerve agents’.

But it’s this next bit that’s important to note. Because the article notes that one of the most powerful nerve agents (‘VX’) is developed at the British Ministry of Defense Porton Down facility. The same article also notes that this ‘VX’ is the same agent that was used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February last year.

This is a curious thing to mention, because there’s been no toxicology report yet or official statement about which substance was involved – so why have some news sources bothered talking about a specific nerve agent or the fact that said substance is manufactured at the MoD’s Porton Down facility? And why also mention the assassination of Kim Jong-nam in a news story reacting to the unrelated alleged poisoning of a former Russian agent in Salisbury?

Stranger still, the Porton Down facility is just down the road from Salisbury (about 5 miles), where Skripal and his daughter were allegedly discovered.

In fact, the MP for Salisbury, John Glenn, referenced this himself when talking to the BBC about the Skripal incident. He said “Fortunately just down the road in my constituency at Porton Down defence, science and technology labs exist and they will have taken the substance and will be trying to evaluate what they can.”

Of course, what he’s saying is that the substance will be analysed there – but what he was also reminding us, deliberately or by accident, is that Skripal was found only a short distance from an installation that specialises in producing and experimenting with chemical agents.

For the record, the implication (from the various texts I’ve read) is that Porton Down’s activities have been so secretive that the vast majority of political officials (and especially Members of Parliament) have absolutely no idea of what has really gone on there.


Porton Down is an infamous, controversial location, which just happens to be linked to one of the darker sides of Britain’s military or defense establishment.


Porton Down is regarded, even on Wikipedia, as one of the most secretive locations in the United Kingdom. It is by now well known that Porton Down, under the MoD, has been involved in chemical warfare research and human testing, and that up to 20,000 people took part in experiments there between the 1950s and up to 1989.

This has all been covered over many years in mainstream media once the controversies became too difficult to entirely ignore or cover-up. In the 1950s it was called the Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment.

A 2015 article in The Independent confirms that thousands of people were subject to chemical and biological warfare trials. By 2006, 500 veterans claimed they had suffered long term ill-health as a result of the experiments, and MoD agreed to pay out some £360 million to many of these people, though continuing to deny liability.

There are also lonstanding claims (credible or not) that the Porton Down installation is where extra-terrestrial bodies from a UFO crash were taken. There was at least one claim in the last couple of years by an ex-soldier that the military had allowed non-human beings to experiment on him at Porton Down. As much as I would genuinely love to digress into an article about that subject, I’ll avoid that part of it here – like I said, it’s a massive rabbit-hole.

But, hey, it gets worse.

Porton Down is also linked to another very high-profile figure linked to intelligence operations and, as it happens, assassination: Dr David Kelly, the ‘weapons expert’ who was found dead in the lead-in to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

David Kelly was the head of ‘biological defense’ research at Porton Down.

A 2008 docu-film, Anthrax War, asserts that the late David Kelly in fact had links to illegal human experiments on British servicemen at Porton Down.

Bob Coen’s film suggests even that Kelly was one of the key minds behind the West’s germ warfare programmes.

A Daily Mail article from 2009 relayed that Kelly’s ‘computers linked him to Britain’s intelligence services MI5 and MI6, GCHQ, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Foreign Office and foreign spy agencies – including Israel’s notorious Mossad (for whom he had worked since 1995 as an advisor with the blessing of Whitehall)...’ and references ‘tens of thousands of documents and photographs; some show human victims of anthrax poisoning, as well as animal ‘guinea pigs’ poisoned with anthrax and other germs in labs across the world.’

Interestingly – and I’m not suggesting this necessarily relates to the Skripal poisoning at all – the same Daily Mail article from 2009 also has another interesting passage, stating that ‘Amazingly, 12 other well-known micro-biologists linked with germ warfare research have died in the past decade, five of them Russians investigating claims that the Israelis were working on viruses to target Arabs… The Russian plane in which they were travelling from Tel Aviv to Siberia was shot down on October 2001 over the Black Sea by an ‘off-course’ Ukrainian surface-to-air missile…’

It adds, ‘Dr Kelly knew the victims and asked MI6 to find out more details.


As Alice said, when falling down her fictional rabbit-hole: “Curiouser and curiouser…”

It’s all pretty depressing stuff. Of course, none of us will really know the absolute truth. It seems very curious, however, that Skripal’s location in Salisbury is so close to Porton Down.

It also seems very convenient for the British defense establishment to have this incident happen now (days after the announcement of the shift in threat focus from terrorists to Russia) and also very bad timing for the Russian intelligence community to try to kill Skirpal at this specific time of heightened tension – when, presumably, they could’ve done so any time in the last decade-plus.

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6 Responses to “The SERGEI SKRIPAL Poisoning Opens Up a Massive Rabbit Hole…”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    If a nerve agent were deployed then how is it that the medic who gave 30 min of treatment to the victim and “cleared airways” hence was in close proximity showed no signs of illness yet the police officer who attended the same scene is said to be contaminated and suffering illness as a result.

    On Thursday the 8th of March the British government claimed that they had identified a “nerve agent” as the substance used. Yet the BBC quotes on the same day a woman physician who attended at the scene saying that she found Mrs. Skripal slumped unconscious on a bench vomiting and fitting. She had lost control of her bodily functions. The physician, who asked not to be named, told the BBC she moved the daughter into the recovery position and opened her airways as others tended to her father. The doctor stated that the she treated her for almost 30 minutes, saying there was no sign of any chemical agent on her face or body and that though she had been worried she would be affected by a nerve agent so far she “feels fine.”

    Yet, the British media published on Thursday a photograph of a police officer who they say attended the scene and who they claim was made ill and placed in intensive care but is now stable and recovering. The two stories do not add up, as it would seem the doctor was in closer physical contact with the two victims than the police officer yet the doctor has suffered no symptoms at all.

    • CharlieChap says:

      According to George Galloway on his radio show, the news he had got was that the police officer had come into contact with the poison at Skripal’s house. (maybe check his broadcast for the source of this).

      If this is true it raises many more questions. was there a break in ?. If not it was somebody that had access to Skripals house already.

      The guardian is claiming that 20 people were affected, but I see no validation for that anywhere, MSM appears to be hysterically making stuff up and throwing out unsubstantiated allegations currently.

      • Tapestry says:

        The signs of cock-up, followed by cover-up, CharlieChap. CNN and main media are rushing out stuff about conspiracy theories, hoping to stop people from realising what is obvious – that Russia has no interest in poisoning its own agents. Litvinenko was exposing secret aspects of the EU’ s connection with the FSB/KGB. If his revelations had made it to mainstream, would Blair and Brown have been able to sign Nice and Lisbon without any significant opposition? It was not in Russia’s interests for the CIA to succeed in their operation to form the EU out of Europe’s nations, creating a new military power bloc on Russia’s borders. Litvinenko was silenced by MI5/NATO not Russia. Maybe we’ll get more on what this lalest agent was trying to spill out if we are vigilant. The most important agents are double agents. Only they know for sure which side they truly work for, while they con the other side. Russian intelligence operatives are known to be highly effective.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    An exercise is often an indicator of a false flag propaganda exercise deployed to forward an campaign and or political financial or military goals.

    On queue …….

    Forces TV
    Published on Mar 6, 2018

    How The Royal Marines Deal With A Chemical Attack | Forces TV

    • sovereigntea says:

      In the video above do note at 29s the appearance of one Jav Jaffer of DSTL leading the exercise ( 0.29s).

      DSTL Agency overview
      Formed 2 July 2001
      Preceding agency

      Defence Evaluation and Research Agency

      Jurisdiction United Kingdom
      Headquarters Porton Down, Wiltshire
      Employees 3,738 (03/2016 FTE)[1]
      Agency executive

      Gary Aitkenhead

      Parent agency Ministry of Defence

      Dstl’s Jav Jaffer & Lt Col Paul Maynard – CO 40 Cdo talking about Ex Toxic Dagger

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Note how this was a 3 week exercise see vid Ex Toxic Dagger (2m 15s)
    Published on Feb 19, 2018
    40 Commando Royal Marines and The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have staged the UK’s biggest annual exercise to prepare troops for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) operations.

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