The Return Of John Bon Zolton!

Trump has brought neo-con John Bolton back into the fold. My first reaction was oh shit. I follow Your Voice America mostly via Periscope on Bill Mitchell’s Twitter feed:

YVA are planning to go subscriber access only soon, which is a shame because they provide some excellent analysis alongside their preposterous commentary on Israel, Palestine and their Judeo-Christian value base. It’s a complicated world with interesting voices expressing both good stuff ideas I find ridiculous.

However, the return of John Bon Zolton as I refer to him may yet be another case of Trump bringing in extreme views next to him so he can observe all the options before he closes another deal. Trump operates differently. I hope he is not going to attack or bomb Iran. If he does it will be a disappointing return to the same old same old for me whether Blair, Bush, Clinton blah blah…

Next to trump the only hope is Corbyn, a bloody Marxist-Collectivist, but atl least he spoke clearly and sensibly on this latest Russian codswallop. John Bon Zolton speaks clearly and directly. Just may be he provides useful ammunition and material from which Trump can better size up the situation and decisively act for the good. Am I being wildly optimistic? Remember, under Trump’s watch the plug has been pulled rather on the Paris climate change scam, Syria has not been invaded and South and North Korea are planning to talk. The results are interesting.

The return of John Bon Zolton!
US John Bolton back!


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