The Mural The BBC Report As Anti-Semolinaic

This morning on BBC R4 Today they are hosting Zionists to complain about Jeremy Corbyn being anti-Semolinaic. They were doing the same last night. Apparently ISIS is an Israeli front among other ‘conspiracy theories’ and accusations I caught while making the morning coffee. I wondered what the mural was. What does is depict?

This morning I realise it is this one, from 2012! It’s about bamkers! But, I guess a spot of book burning is called for and this mural no doubt removed? Good job we beat Hitler isn’t it? So, today we are free to express and tolerate unpalatable ideas, aren’t we?
What is a Semite?
What is Zionism?
What is Jewish?
Is Israel a nation state?
Is Israel a religious state?
Does anyone seriously deem Jeremy Corbyn anti-anyone for their creed or colour?


Ask Jezza exactly what he has apologised for.

The 2012 video… warning, this is apparently anti-Semolinaic!

Mear One Exposes The False Profits


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  1. Mark says:

    ‘…aren’t we?’ For how long and what to do? It’s hotting up and can’t see a cooling. A directed false-flag might be too obvious a means for escalation… but where and what will be the lines come legislation? It’s nuts, becoming an incentive to discriminate against Jewish people for this alone. Fans up with every cry. The disproportion is the issue. Some moan can understand but it gets such OTT reaction. Said something here about

  2. Tapestry says:

    The Illuminati some of whom are Jewish worship Lucifer The Devil. They don’t give a fig for the Jew who worship God, as evidenced through their actions in WW2. By creating endless noise about Semitics, they hope to cover over the fact that it is Satanists who run the World Revolutionary Conspiracy through which they intend to acquire all natural resources, money, property and control of all manpower. The way to these ends is to bring about terror through warfare which will make us grateful to accept abject slavery for evermore. Remember the freedom you have enjoyed, or awaken and fight to keep it.

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