EU Remain PR – the sugar on the cyanide.

The EU’s legislation comes from a multiple of different sources.  Even the Commissioner can’t initiate legislation.  It all comes from the faceless bureaucrats in Strasbourg and Brussels.  They have great environmental policies in many cases, and human rights policies but, says Ian Crane, that’s just the sugar on the cyanide.

120,000 laws have been passed since Britain joined the EU, yet only 20,000 of those have been rubber stamped into British Law.  EU law has precedence over British law.  The only time MPs turn up in Parliament is PM question time.  The zoo.  Parliament is a charade.

The EU is an agenda which is 100 years old, started in the 1920s by Count Kalergi?, an Austrian Count who wrote the template PanEuropa – the plan to destroy the nation states of Europe, reduce education to a minimal level, create a mongroid European State, ruled by the traditional aristocracy and the spiritual elite, ie the Zionists.

What’s the real agenda of these people?


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