The earth’s energy is sufficient to last millions of years

This link is really interesting.  I’ve only read the first few pages but already it’s clear that it contains some most significant information about the amount of energy that the earth produces which ancient cultures knew how to tap.  There is much else of interest besides, like this guy and why he never was imprisoned on St Helena.

In my own life, I found an earth energy source in the Philippines which cured my illness.   That was thirty years ago and I have revisited the same place dozens of times in the intervening thirty years, and still get a strong lift in mood and balance each time I go there.  Sadly a large international hotel has been built on the site now, going down eleven floors underground, and this has weakened the power of its output at street level.

As I have direct experience of this phenomenon, it is easy for me to believe the things written about in the article linked.  I tried to copy and paste but it’s .pdf with many images that you need to see, and the copy wasn’t good enough to publish even the text, as it went jumbled.


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