The Tory Beast from the East

Watching BBC Question Time. Question about fracking. Blackpool. The
audience don’t want it.

Farage gets heckled because he supports it.
Fracking is being aired on the BBC and the people sound clear. They
don’t want it.

Ken Clarke supports Farage for once. He gets booed too.

TAP – Clark is straight from the front line area where thousands will die.  Nottingham is the epicentre of Northern fracking.  He’s the Beast from the East supporting the killing of his own constituents.  You don’t believe that?  Watch the videos below.

The people are strongly against it and the BBC cannot help but air
the people’s feeling. Now another women is against it, for burning
fossil fuel! Oh goodness, we are a confused nation.

The guy from Blue Peter looks like a snowflake, but has spoken well and supports a clear
Brexit. But, now he is anti-fracking and worried about carbon energy.
Now Owen Smith. Even if he had a conversion to Brexit etc I would
still view him an absolute twit. For the record Owen is also
anti-fracking. These people still believe the carbon story.

Oops. Local speaking up for fracking. He wants it.

“I wonder if people would want it in their backyards if it were South
of Watford.” Woman says.

The Beast from the East gets a mention… or is it hysteria from
Siberia jokes the audience member.

Who on earth created this meme Beast from the East?

Ken Clarke doesn’t look good. He still speaks clearly.

Farage says “We’ve all become snowflakes…”

TAP – Maybe Farage sees fracking as his ticket into Westminster.  He must know the implications of what he’s saying.  If you ever doubted it, Farage cannot be trusted.  Forget all his work for Brexit.  If we’re fracked, we’re not going to be here.  By supporting fracking, he’s making Brexit a waste of time.  We need fracking banned and Brexit through.  Both.  But stopping fracking comes far higher on the list of priorities.  Survival first.  Freedom second.  The Beast From The East wants neither your survival nor your freedom.  Farage wants freedom for you, but only once you’re dead.  Who do they think they’re kidding?  Watch the videos please and make up your own mind.

I do not recall much debate on fracking on the BBC…. Farage says to
audience, “… shale gas is a gift horse looking you in the face.”
He does speak his mind.

TAP – Or should we call that ‘he speaks the mind of his controllers?

Would Ian Crane (Currently camping out in Nottinghamshire at Misson Springs/Tinker Lane and the producer of Voices From The Gasfields) change his mind?

Be so interesting to see the two talk.

TAP – Farage would be exposed in two minutes for the charlatan he is.


4 Responses to “The Tory Beast from the East”

  1. Tom74 says:

    The Americans want fracking, therefore Farage supports it – it is as simple as that.
    Just like Brexit, which is another of their ruses to asset-strip and humiliate the UK people.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Farage and Fox are very likely American (crypto-Jewish) agents. But the EU is of the same progeny. There is some evidence of splits within the structure of power. However nearly all seem to be on board with a cull in the human population – everywhere, not just the UK. Fracking is also about making money by destroying water reserves. Water is the next oil.

    It’s interesting how this post was running into the top ten, but has since been skittled out. KC has great influence to keep his name out of everything dodgy – the real Sheriff of Frackingham.

  3. NPP says:

    There is a chance Farage is merely misinformed about fracking.
    There are those who see Israel as a fact of life and that’s that. The Judea-Christian camp believes its story just as the others believe theirs.

    I advocate neither of these, but perhaps Ian R. Crane could provide Farage with an alternative view point.

    Ken Clarke? Hmmm… another story entirely.

    Farage states he diametrically disagrees with Clarke on most things, but finds him good company.

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