The attempt in the media to degrade Corbyn is because he is anti-war

There is clearly some kind of Illuminati game being played out.

If a war is to be triggered, it is quite obvious that Britain is not intended to escape the worst possible consequences. Our armed forces are being systematically downgraded through all manner of ways, and being placed under European command despite Brexit. If the US is behind the curve technologically, then just as pre-WW2, when Britain was in a deliberately created weakened state, coming up towards WW3, Britain is being stripped of effective military equipment and personnel. Luckily Hitler was not intent on Britain’s destruction, and he tried to make peace with us via Rudolf Hess, and he allowed our army to escape from Dunkirk. But he was overruled by the NAZIs who wanted world domination, and Churchill rejected the opportunities for peace created by Hess and previously by Chamberlain. If WW3 were to break out, Britain as the US poodle would be a prime target for Russian attack. We are especially vulnerable as we import 50% of our food supply. It is beyond insane that Bollocks Johnson and Gavin the Paper Boy are barking insults at Russia. Perhaps their addresses have been crossed off the target zones for Russian missiles, and they’ve got promises of food supply. For millions of others, a catastrophic period of devastation, hunger and economic collapse would be assured. At what point they ramp up the level of terror is unknowable, but once the Illuminati are sniffing a war, they’ve never been known to back away yet.

More people need to become aware of the banksters who create wars and terror events and who control politics – especially the UK’s current Conservative regime. They control mainstream media and have well constructed plans as to who ill be made to fight who. As nations are weakened or destroyed by war, the Illuminati, who worship Lucifer The Devil, intend to become all powerful, controlling all land, natural resources, money and all of humanity. They are not exclusively Jews, and they care no more for the mass of Jews, who worship God, than for anyone else. All are expendable in furtherance of their totalitarian conspiracy which is well advanced.

There are signs that Trump is not that enthusastic for a war to start, as with Putin and the Russians.  With these two not looking too hopeful, the Illuminati are clearly working hard to get Britain as usual to start the carnage.  Chamberlaim refused to engage in real war, and the Illuminati brought in Churchill to start the real killing.  Bollocks Johnson is clearly putting his hand up asking to be considered as the next Churchill, with Paper Boy Gavin desperate to reach out for his share in the spoils.  Treason May just reads the scripts placed into her hands.

Maybe Corbyn is anti-war.  It looks like the Illuminati wants his character assassinated in the media which is a sure sign oif hope.



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  1. Gordon says:

    Yes, well, having an opinion is called democracy and if one doesn’t like it then tough, time to start growing up and move along.

    This whole saga is clearly a witch-hunt by Zionists whom don’t like how the show is run and therefore should return to their occupied land were they will feel more comfortable among their own ilk.

    We are clearly heading towards war with Russia. Reading the signs and the writing on the wall history is repeating itself, Britain, America and Jews against a common enemy “Hitler” now “Putin” whom is constantly trying to propose peace only to have it thrown back in his face. The time will surely come when they will rue the day they commence military conflict with Russia whose technological military might now outstrips that of the the west by light years. They will surely get what they are asking for and God help us when they do.

  2. Tapestry says:

    That is the deliberate plan Gordon, I am sure. Britain is destined to be properly blitzed this time. Unlike Hitler, the Russians have no admiration for the UK or the history of the West. They have been invaded too many times, and suffered too many times for that. The Illuminati always go back and destroy those that help them acquire their powers, and the ones who have sold their souls to the devil are liquidated first, because they know too much. That’s the problem for Bollocks Johnson. He hopes to be the next Churchill who became a cult hero figure (through media manipulation) whereas he’ll find himself on the losing side this time, and be tossed aside like an old rag of no further use. His silence will come at a terrible price for everyone else. Better that he shut himself up right now.

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