Taxpayer Funded BBC Admit Fake News About Syria

Posted by Vanessa Beeley on her FakeBook page… a quote by Peter Hitchens

Vanessa Beeley
22 hrs

“I asked the #BBC how they could justify using propaganda footage, allegedly from the Syrian town of Ghouta, on a major news bulletin without any indication that it came from a partial source. They admitted they had done this. They admitted that it was against their rules. But I did not get the impression they were all that bothered, and I would not be surprised to see such stuff again. The BBC ‘reports’ an awful lot of things from Syria which it has no way of checking, from supposed gas attacks by the Assad state to death tolls and films (generally of wounded children being rushed about the place by unarmed young men). It has completely abandoned any semblance of independence or impartiality. How then can it justify its licence fee, collected on these conditions?”

Peter Hitchens

Further post by Vanessa…

Vanessa Beeley

3 March at 21:56 ·

#WhiteHelmets in Eastern #Ghouta are getting sloppy. At least two videos today have been called out as #FakeNews including this one where the “magic hand” appears at 0.02 seconds to push the “rescue” baby out of the, heres-one-I-prepared-earlier hole.

Full version from another angle here (cant help asking how many times they need to film one rescue, how they are able to film under ‘bombing’ and why?)

These children are being abused as props for war propaganda. – to promote war to kill more children.

White Helmet leaders on Twitter are deleting at least one of these videos but not before the Twitter WH watchers have downloaded them

As the #SAA make huge advances in East Ghouta, the #WhiteHelmets will soon have nowhere to go but into the green buses.

Thank to Random Soul on Twitter for this find:


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