Swallowed by the swamp

Once they have you in their clutches, 

there is no one to turn to for help


American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Nowadays I would modify that to “those who trade liberty for safety wind up with neither, and very often wind up dead.”

Consider the plight of Monika Schaefer, a Canadian fiddle player snatched off the streets of Germany for disagreeing with the phony story that maintains the Jewish fiction of World War II — you know — the magical SIX MILLION number that has earned billions of dollars for greedy Jews despite the empirically proven number of all deaths (not just Jews) in the German labor camps being only 273,905 according to International Red Cross statistics published in 1980 (later raised to 296,081 by scholar Germar Rudolf).

Trapped in a German jail, awaiting a trial for the Jewish crime of “defaming the memory of the dead”, there is no avenue of appeal for Monika. Her own government is in fact complicit in her incarceration, just as it was in the kidnapping of Ernst Zündel, who languished in jail for more than a decade despite never being found guilty of anything but violating these Jewish pseudolaws regarding anti-Semitism.


Monika’s crime? Appearing in this video made by her brother Alfred,


and then traveling to Germany to visit her brother, who has himself been constantly harassed but not yet arrested by police for making the video and speaking eloquently about the gross misrepresentation of the events of World War II and, especially, afterwards.

The sad part is, there is no one she can appeal to. Not only that, she can’t attempt to defend herself because under Germany’s draconian legal system devised by Jews, simply mentioning any of the things she said in the video would be construed as additional crimes.

Courageous lawyer Sylvia Stolz found this out when she tried to defend Zündel. Stolz was forced to serve a 3 1/2 year sentence and now is facing another sentence for obviously truthful remarks she has made over the years.

The elderly Schaefer joins octogenarian Ursula Haverbeck doing time for offending the Jews, who insist their version of history may not be challenged because it is so obviously true. They have tons of stories clipped from Jewish newspapers to prove their story. Also, it has been declared the truth by the occupation government that continues to shackle Germany in a legal limbo of quasi freedom.

How the German people have swallowed this pile of Jewish crap for so long is a complete mystery to the rest of the world. And it is a totalitarian phenomenon that has spread to other countries misled by Jewish media, which has become uniquely able to twist history to suit their psychopathological compulsions, like raping children and killing large numbers of people on certain Jewish holidays.

It should be remembered that the government of Germany remains controlled by the United States and its NATO allies, there never having been a formal treaty signed that granted unfettered freedom to the totally pulverized and propagandized German populace.

In addition to these courageous, unjustly imprisoned ladies, folksinger Alison Chabloz faces possible jail time Britain for writing sardonic songs lampooning Jewish crustiness about the myths they insist should be worshipped as gospel for their new Holocaust religion.

And longtime Holocaust revisionist Lady Michele Renouf was prevented from uttering more than few sentences during a recent memorial service for the victims of the horrific WW2 Dresden bombing. The service was abruptly halted by police and Renouf remains under investigation for “incitement”.

This Jewish penchant for jailing elderly women trying to tell the truth about the miscarriages of justice in the past extends to the present day this Jewish tradition of trying to suppress freedom of speech so as not to reveal their odious pattern of manipulating history to conceal their own crimes.

Push for pedophilia nothing new

This pattern really begins in ancient Egypt but is most visible in the actions of British rebel Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1600s who got the Jews readmitted to England after their 400-year banishment for loan sharking and ritual child murder.

It is bonechilling to realize the current spotlight on pedophilia and cannibalism brings to light an essential element of the Jewish religion since, presumably, the dawn of time. Perhaps the clearest example of this occurred in the 1920s in Jew-ravaged Germany when Berlin became known as the sex capital of the world specializing in abusing 10-year-old prostitutes who were starving. It was this situation — a paradise for Jew perverts like Harvey Weinstein — that Hitler forcefully remedied.

This kind of child abuse is manifested most clearly by the Jews’ horrifying circumcision practices, defense of which illustrates the insanity of its practitioners and utter disregard for the children they abuse.

It’s about the Jews worshipping death in the same way they practice it in real life, sabotaging hundreds of countries over centuries. They force people to believe what they insist happened, and therefore decree what people are allowed to think upon pain of being excommunicated from financial health and ruined in most social and business circles.

Those who choose not to accede to their warped wishes are slandered and impoverished, if not outright murdered, simply for uttering thoughts unacceptable to the politically correct pretend-humans and their simple minded followers.

The only solution is obvious

There is no moral order in the world, no one you dare not offend, no parish priest to be honest to or grandfather on the scene to guide you on your way. Now the ultimate power in the world is wielded by Jewish casino owners and arms manufacturers. Jewish culture has blasted families apart with sex, drugs and rock n’roll and there is no putting them back together. The cultural and religious icons of the world are all manipulated by secret societies and intelligence agencies.

No moral center, no one to turn to. You must choose a side.

Two sides, each is evil. All political debate, two sides, both evil.

No wonder people are stultified. No wonder so many turn to opioids.

You must choose to defend yourself, or become a slave.

The only solution for this thus-far intractable problem of the Jews is to somehow manufacture a higher standard of human being than has previously existed.

Each individual must be his own slave to an unbreakable moral code, not voting for the most popular guy or the war hero or the fellow with the most money who can spin the best yarn.

People must turn themselves into the hero they hoped would rescue them if we are ever going to overthrow this tyranny that ruins everyone’s lives.

People with a sound moral code not compromised by charlatan priests or debased by criminal rabbis could easily produce a peaceful planet. We need people who can’t be bribed by Jewish money, although in times of poverty this is difficult, and it is the primary reason why Jews have taken over the world.

They create the poverty so the importance of wages becomes overemphasized, as people are forced to trade their silence to guarantee the health of their families.

Like the bankers, the priestly class is only interested in selling you something you already own.

We need superior men

In times like these I search for better guidance, and after 50 years of searching I’ve never found better than this riff in the introduction to Trappist monk Thomas Merton’s solution in the introduction to his interpretation of an ancient Chinese poet (c. 250 BC) titled “The Way of Chuang Tzu”.

The character of the “Superior Man” or “Noble Minded Man” according to Ju philosophy is constructed around a four-sided mandala of basic virtues. The rest of these are com­passionate and devoted love, charged with deep empathy and sincerity, that enables one to identify with the troubles and joys of others as if they were one’s own. This compassion is called Jen, and is sometimes translated “human heartedness.” The second of the basic virtues is that sense of justice, re­sponsibility, duty, obligation to others, which is called Yi. It must be observed that Ju philosophy insists that both Jen and Yi are completely disinterested.

“The mark of the ‘Noble Minded Man’,” Merton writes, “is that he does not do things simply because they are pleasing or profitable to himself, but because they flow from an unconditional moral imperative. They are things that he sees to be right and good in themselves.”

It is at this advanced juncture that both Chuang Tzu and Thomas Merton ask more than most humans can give.

Hence, any­ one who is guided by the profit motive, even though it be for the profit of the society to which he belongs, is not capable of living a genuinely moral life. Even when his acts do not con­flict with the moral law, they remain amoral because they are motivated by the desire of profit and not the love of the good.

The other two basic virtues of Ju are necessary to com­plete this picture of wholeness and humaneness. Li is some­thing more than exterior and ritual correctness: it is the abil­ity to make use of ritual forms to give full outward expression to the love and obligation by which one is bound to others.

Finally there is “wisdom,” Chih, that embraces all the other virtues in a mature and religious understanding which orients them to their living fulfillment.

The life of riches, ambition, pleasure, is in reality an intolerable servitude in which one “lives for what remains always out of reach,” thirsting “for survival in the future” and “incapable of living in the present.”

Simple instructions

Live by your good works in each interaction and see how the universe supports you.

Observe the friends you develop by acting in the interests of the universe.

Beware of outside agitators; don’t do anything if it’s just for the money.

The tyranny will not be terminated without the development of an honest moral force in each one of us. If that cannot be achieved we will either go extinct or remain slaves.

The religions tell us they have something to teach us, but what they give us is something we already possess — goodness, compassion, love, a yearning for justice, fairness, a chance to help the afflicted, to be there in emergencies to straighten things out.

Once they catch you you’re not getting away. Then they’ll put strange things in your body and you’ll never be the same. If it hasn’t happened already . . . they’ve already installed all that faulty information in your mind.

The gist of this story is that throughout the 20th century Jews have persuaded almost everyone to believe in the lies that they have inflicted upon the world, lies that skewed society to their advantage, and had the effect of destroying practically everything beautiful and satisfying that all the non Jews of the world had built for themselves.

Never mind what we’ve done Palestine, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and all the other war zones. Just look at what the Jews have done to the United States! Today it’s a cesspool of depravity and corruption, where the government commits crimes against its own people using terrorists it has hired for the jobs.

Every four years Americans get to choose one of two candidates selected by Israel to run for president.

Monika Schaefer and her truthful tunes sit behind bars, a singular foreshadowing of the situation that will prevail in the rest of the world forever, as we are left unable to tell the truth because it has been ruled against the law to utter something so anti-Semitic.

Unless we take effective action — and soon — this is our horrible human future.

Source: https://johnkaminski.org/index.php/john-kaminski-american-writer-and-critic-2/148-swallowed-by-the-swamp



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