Stephen Hawking dies again.

Only last month we featured a Miles W Mathis piece on Stephen Hawking, which demonstrated that the original Stephen Hawking had been replaced some time ago with a new model .  The most likely explanation being that the original SH had died, as the illness he suffered from does not as a rule have long life expectancy.  When you look at the photos, it is quite obvious they are two entirely separate people.

Now the new Stephen Hawking has been axed, and announced as dead, that means the Stephen Hawking show of nonsense science is finally over.  Sadly the era of nonsensical science will no doubt continue.  Was the outing of the fact that the second SH was a double of the first, and a different person, trigger the decision to end his run in the nonsense main media?  Or did the Russians send a team of poisoners over from Moscow to terminate him?

The post below was on The Tap on 27th November 2017.

Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced

If you’d like to hear some really sensible science I recommend you visit and follow The Electric Universe.  It’s time that black holes, pulsars, dark matter, anti-matter and all that tripe be junked.  It all started with the study of archaeology.


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  1. NPP says:

    Hilarious headline.

    Electric Universe? Yeah!

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