Less than 1% of UK gas supply comes from Russia. Tillerson casualty of Skripal affair.

‘Cold snap next week puts Britain at the mercy of Russian gas giants’ shouts The Daily Mail.  The attempt to ramp up fear about Russia still isn’t gaining any traction with the public who remain sceptical, says Ian Crane.  Gavin Williamson is the paper boy Minister Of Defence, who started pushing the fear porn agenda about Russia about two months ago.

The politicians must know something we don’t.  A pending war with Russia, no doubt, which could cut off gas supplies properly.

Russia has asked for samples of the substance used to poison Skripal, but so far Britain has refused.  Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan is calling this ‘another Iraqi WMD moment’.

Trump isn’t falling for this.  He canned Tillerson, as Tillerson stated Russia was responsible for the attack on Skripal.

40% of Germany’s gas comes from Germany.  France and Germany have stated they are remaining cautious about making any statements until they’ve seen the evidence about Russia being responsible.  There won’t be any evidence provided, says Ian Crane.  The event took place just a few miles from Porton Down which seem strange.  The evidence in the public domain does not show it was a Russian action.  ‘How would it serve Russian interests?’, asks a Russian diplomat.

What’s going on, asks Ian.   Is it Britain trying to get a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations?  Putting pressure onto Germany and France.  Let’s wait and see.  Keep an open mind.

FRACKING DAY.  UKOOG are saying if Russian gas gets cut off, then let’s try and get the gas from fracking the UK.  In fact Norway is biggest supplier of gas to Britain from outside the UK.  45% comes from Britain’s own gas resources, mostly offshore.  Then Belgium.  Then Netherlands.  Although Netherlands is cutting back due to seismic problems from fracking.  Less than 1% of our gas supplies actually come from Russia.

Liquid nitrogen.  Qatar supplies 80% of UK’s needs.  The 20% comes from Algeria, Trinidad & Tobago, the USA (INEOS), Norway, Peru and Nigeria, and Dominican Republic.  None of it at all comes from Russia.

Government analysis says Britain has access to supply of 200% of actual demand.  There is no threat at all of gas being cut off.  Saying Russia threatens our gas is pure fear porn.  It’s bullshit in the mainstream media.  Shame on you, Daily Mail.

Ian gives his memories of his time in Iraq as an oil company executive when he realised the story being put out by the media was total lies, to demonise Saddam and get Iraqi oil back inside the US$ area.  Just as David Cameron lied to Parliament to get support to bomb Syria claiming Assad was using chemical weapons on his own people, now we have poison being used and blaming it on Russia, just like WMD claims about Iraq.

Stop believing your government.  They’re talking crap – aimed at making war on Russia.  Theresa May gets her lines from the global banksters and corporatists.  They can only do all this if we let them.  People are awakening.  More wakefulness needed now.

The rapid political and spiritual awakening of the masses is the biggest obstacle to world government, says Zbigniew Brzezinski.  The race is on.

Fracking Nightmare tonight on UK Column Live Youtube channel.  Ian Crane will be talking again.



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    A bloke standing in a field gives you better current affairs commentary than the £3.7 billion BBC.

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    So maybe send him a tenner. Paypal through alternative view website.

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