Sheffield’s trees. Humanity’s fight for breath.

Sheffield Council have given no news about why they are cutting down 17,500 of the City’s 36,000 trees until last weekend, when it spilled in the media that 5G won’t work through trees.  5G needs clear line of sight.  People are reporting from all over Britain that their trees are being cut down and they didn’t;t know why.  They do now.

Private security firms are acting extremely aggressively against protesters while the Police just look on.

Start noticing what is going on in your community.  A tree provides oxygen – enough for three people to breathe.  17,500 trees in Sheffield being culled will stop the supply of oxygen for thousands of people.

5G is needed to bring in the Internet Of Things.  The Smart economy is about keeping ever increasing tabs on you so they can hit you with specific targeted advertising.  Wifi smog will increase and this is disrupting peoples’ sleep.

Ian says he can’t sleep well in town snow as he’s used to sleeping in a field doing the anti-frack camps.

500,000 5G phone masts will need rolling out in the next 5 years to instal 5G nationwide.

Water is also being removed.  A litre of water costs more than 1 litre of fuel.  Communities’ water supplies in the US are being taken away and people are suffering.  Courts in the US have ruled that corporations have priority over human communities.

In the UK the corporations are trying to impose new laws trough the use of injunctions.  This is an attempt to bypass the Parliamentary process and impose a new set of law through the courts.  Fortunately the judge in the application from UKOG yesterday in the RCJ for an injunction was adjourned.  The costs of the individual defendants have not been decided yet.

People are under multi-pronged attack.  Air.  Water.

East Pennines, Misson Springs is busy with Police vehicles, and the kit started rolling in.  They’re trying to move it all in as fast as they can before the March 31st deadline.  The contamination won’t observe county boundaries.  IGAS possibly chose the location as in North East Nottinghamshire, as it’s far from Nottingham.  Lincolnshire is a mile away.  Yorkshire is a mile away.  The site is slap bang between Doncaster and Scarborough.

INEOS wil be watching very closely and will be looking at the core samples that IGAS draws, as the same geology goes many miles away from the site.  Misson Springs is now the frontline in the Eastern side.

The only site threatened right now is Preston New Rd, Lancashire, run by British Gas through Cuadrilla.  The Achilles heel for Cuadrilla is British Gas.  Community power must be deployed against Centrica (British Gas) to force them to stop funding Cuadrilla, so that Greg Clark the Energy Minister will not give a go ahead due to lack of solvency.

The corporate agenda is moving ahead fast now, but we, the collective we, can stop them if we want.

Take the trees in Sheffield.   Do you want to live in tree-lined streets or live against bare skies, bathed in electronic smog and with low levels of oxygen.  The only advantage to us would be to download Facebook a nano-second quicker, but the corporations will know every little detail of our lives and be able to target us with their sales and advertising campaigns, and political control.  The choice is ultimately ours, but only if we act to preserve the trees, the air and, with that, our freedom, and beyond even that, our spiritual health as well as the physical.


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