UKC: Scottish Authorities Block Meetings About Child Violation

David from North Exposure joins… and explains at the end how Sandra Utterley’s book has been banned in Dunblane for being terrorist material. Methinks they doth protest too much.

UK Column show time:… and yep, Treason May has gone to Russia to lobby support to perpetuate a lie. I don’t know exactly what happened in Salisbury, but I certainly do not buy the official party line narrative. Hence here’s Bollocks Boris Johnson The Who Spider and Gavin the Paper Round Boy Williamson who keeps a spider in a glass box on his desk. Oh Jesus H Christ Mary & everybody and one else we might desperately pray to… help!


€uropean Council meeting Treason May securing support to condemn Russia.
‘Indy Scotland won’t rejoin EU if bad fishing deal’, says SNP MSP
Danes demand rights to fish in UK waters…
UKC chat box: Denmark has opted out of everything opt-outable from in the EU. Far more than us. And they are aggressive in pursuing their “rights”.
we got no ships to blow them out the water if they do fish our waters !
Send out Nessie to sink a few
€U playing with wording, ‘newspeak’

Syria… usual tripe fake news.
White Helmets have a facebook page here
Better coverage from RT:
The MI6 man who gave them their comms, Jonathan Allen, is now pleading for them as a “diplomat” at the UN.

US John Bolton back!

Robin McAlpine Common Space
Russian ambassador thanked the Scottish people for thie words of support

Salisbury: Tony Gosling wade a good point – Why would a Det Sgt be at the scene and not a usual PC.
Decontamination fantasy.
“The clean up will take several months…” ???????
UKC chat box: wait till the Russian’s release the all improved 2018 version, hte 1960’s one is giving them so much grief
The whole population of Salisbury should be dead by now me thinks?
Don’t be nasty to Treason May. Lithuania agrees with her…
Craig Murray calls Boris a liar:

Brian asks you to promote Dying For Good Health

Directive to adopt children!

FakeBook, Google… Silicon Valley needs to be regulated?

Man in possession of knife in Plymouth… utterly over the top reaction, armed police, tazers, automatic weapons…
Bomb disposal squad blow up discarded microwave dumped outside the Gherkin building in London after suspicious package alert:
Fear ramped up.

Media On Trial… and its need to be.

David’s Fresh Start custom not wanted at community hall…. recorded phone call. Scottish authorities scared to address child violation

Nazi dog case:

Fawlty Towers – don’t mention the Germans

Gloucestershire Police already is run by a lesbian. One of her first decrees was that PCs must shave their beards off.

Sandra Utterley’s book banned in Dunblane as terrorist material:

Published on 23 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Russia bashing: a trilateral love affair…?
01:52 – Independent Scotland won’t rejoin EU if fishing deal bad
03:55 – Brexit: Danes demand right to fish in UK waters under EU deal
Newspeak: the use of language to mislead and disguise
08:38 – Military veterans see the danger of EU military unification
09:26 – Penny Mordaunt and Boris: save our terrorists…
10:16 – Syria: British MainStream Media – fake news again
12:54 – USA: Trump drains the swamp – employs John Bolton
14:56 – Sturgeon tramples on SNP foreign policy over Russia
16:49 – Salisbury decontamination: a fantasy unfolding…
25:30 – Craig Murray article: Boris is a categorical liar
PR machine is pushing another unreality
28:03 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
28:54 – Adoption needs to accelerate…
33:04 – DEMOS: Levelling the playing field…who is Matt Rogerson…?
35:10 – Devon & Cornwall Police out of control…?
The normalisation of military policing
37:09 – All around UK: suspicious & hazardous events pop up…
38:11 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
38:24 – Child abuse: Fresh Start Foundation updates – venue cancels event
46:05 – Peter Cherbi petition: creating a register of judges interests
Example to follow: Norway has judicial interests register
47:54 – Nazi-saluting dog…owner convicted
53:16 – Book recommendation: Dunblane Unburied by Sandra Uttley
53:56 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes



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