Race Conversation Beyond The BBC

White people have been the invaders, the slave owners, the oppressors… haven’t they? Black Lives Matter are acceptable. Could White Lives Matter be acceptable? The recent Hollywood Oscar ceremony was apparently among the lowest watched with regards to TV ratings; 15-20% down. The politically correct right-on pink pussy-hat brigade is out of touch with the public on the ground. Refreshing conversations are being had way beyond the confines of the bimbo BBC mind set whether history, science, identity… generally people don’t care about creed or colour; they care about just getting along regardless of political or gender identity. Those still making a divide and rule issue of political or gender identity are lagging behind in the world of the dullard.

Author, historian Michael Tsarion is running a podcast with martial arts practitioner David Whitehead.
Unslaved Podcast: Women on the Right/The Ethnostate/Trump/Race


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